Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carb Overload

For those of us who race, figuring out what to eat the week before an event, right up to the night before, is always a bit tricky.  I have had 3 conversations on this topic with fellow runners in the past week, so I figured I would share what I know.  According to sports nutritionist Monique Ryan, it is not possible to fill your muscles with glycogen from a single meal.  Carbo-loading should really start 2-3 days before the race as opposed to the night before.  About 90% of your calories should come from carbs alone during this period.  I find it's good to stick to simple foods like rice, pasta, oatmeal, bagels; foods that are high in carbs but NOT high in fiber.  My biggest meals before a race are breakfast and lunch on the day before the event.  I used to load up on carbs the night before which was really overloading as I would go to bed uncomfortably full with too much to digest.  Now, I opt for a smaller meal, early in the evening which helps me fall asleep easier and feel lighter in the morning.  So far, this formula seems to pay off for me.  Clearly, everyone has different theories and methods that work for them, so to each his/her own.  Happy eating.
To those of your who could care less about running and/or food, sorry I didn't grab your interest on this one.  Will try to hook you back in with today's song.

- Reference: Runner's World, November, 2011

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