Monday, October 10, 2011

To Trip

Yesterday I took a stellar digger while I was running.  I tripped on a branch and slid about 5 feet on the wet sidewalk.  Luckily, I managed to get get my hands out and do a little roll before I hit the ground.  It was awesome.  I laid there for a few minutes to make sure I was in one piece.  I just had a few scrapes on my hands, elbows and legs.  Then I laughed at myself.  How many times have I tripped in my life?  Hundreds?  More?  While running, strolling through town, walking out of a restaurant, racing another woman to the front desk of a hotel because it's the last one in the entire town that has rooms available; countless, really.  The tragic part about yesterday's fall was that there was no one there to see it.  That would have made it so much more worthwhile.  In life we fall.  But we can't just sit there or we won't get anywhere else.  And we all have places to go, right?

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