Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Therapy

The holidays are wonderful.  They can also be extremely stressful.  I feel like I get about a day to digest after Thanksgiving and then "it's on".  While I love every part of this festive season, I often start to unravel very quickly due to all the chaos.  My kids, in particular, start to sense the excitement as the countdown to Christmas begins.  Bedtime starts to extend into the later hours of the evening until it's virtually impossible to get them to sleep without bribing them.  Then there are the gifts and the ever present need to be creative.  Last year, the only thing my four year old wanted from Santa was a rainbow.  That was a little tricky.  There are also the family logistics to figure out.  While it's important to make it work, getting to see everyone around the holidays can be difficult.  Basically, there are times when it gets so overwhelming I could use a little therapy in some way, shape or form. For me, and so many others, this is when a run is such an incredible tool.  It's amazing how helpful it can be to hit the road with a friend to discuss or not discuss how to make it all happen while maintaining holiday cheer.  On the other hand, after leaving Target having broken out in a sweat in the toy aisle, going out for a solo run can be an effective way to calm the nerves and drown out some of the noise.  In either  case, the miles often tend to fly by and the problems start to seem a bit smaller.  In this case, the mental release is the focus and the exercise element is just an afterthought.  The Doctor is in.

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