Thursday, November 24, 2011

Share the Love

Every year my immediate family comes together for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We get to see each other quite a bit in the summer, but then we go long gaps without visiting and rely heavily on the phone and email.  We arrived at my parents house yesterday amid the typical chaos: several hugs and kisses,  kids running around and screaming within minutes, and unpacking the car to dig out items that we'd brought for birthdays that had passed since summer.  When the dust finally started to settle my sister looked at me and said, "I have some great new running songs for you".  I smiled.  Courtney and I do not have a lot in common.  She's four years older than me and that age difference often made it tricky for us to relate to each other when we were growing up.  Today, yoga is her passion and she loathes running.  For me yoga is ridiculously hard and I love to run.  She's an amazing cook and I couldn't do it if my life depended on it.  She's very fashion forward while I shop at the gap and my favorite purchase is a nice pair of sneakers or a cool t-shirt.  But the one thing we do share is a love for music.  I will often get a text from her that says, "Listen to this song. It will blow you away" or "Go buy this album immediately."  Often one of us will get so fired up about an artist that it warrants stopping everything and making a phone call to discuss.  I can always get her to come see live music with me if I give her enough time to figure out the logistics to get to Boston.  What we love the most, though, is just sitting down after dinner with a glass of wine and trading new songs and bands, talking about them, breaking them down, and often, purchasing them on iTunes, which can get a bit dangerous if the night goes on too late.   There have been years in the past where we've had trouble connecting due to our differences but our passion for music has always remained constant and lately has grown into something that we both really value.  I realize how lucky we are to have this one thing that we like to share with each other.  We are close in other ways, but mostly, we are grounded with this love of music and without it, our relationship might be totally different and not nearly as fun.

Listen to this:
They Done Wrong : We Done Wrong - White Rabbits   They Done Wrong : We Done Wrong - It's Frightening

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