Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Friday - Reader's Pick & Holiday Bonus

From FXMarkey.  He had so many suggestions that it warrants a little list.  Check it twice because there is some good stuff on there.  Thanks for sharing!

Listen to these:
Run - Gnarles Barkley    Run (I'm a Natural Disaster) - The Odd Couple
Slow Show - The National    Slow Show - Boxer
Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio   Wolf Like Me - Return to Cookie Mountain
Dare - Gorrillaz   Dare - Demon Days
Comfort Eagle (the album) - Cake Comfort Eagle - Cake

Legend of the Christmas 5K - from the RUN THE EDGE blog.
The humor is amazing and the message at the end so true.  Worth a read when you have the time.  

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  1. The suggestions are helping me compile a playlist for the treadmill I'll be running on most of the winter... Many thanks! - Ed