Monday, December 5, 2011

Look Up

On Saturday I went for a run in Franconia, NH.  This was my first of many runs that I will do up there this winter.  Despite the fact that it was chilly, it was a crisp, sunny afternoon and unlike last year, there wasn't any snow on the ground yet.  I have a love/hate relationship with the running up in NH.  It is almost impossible to find a run in this particular area that doesn't include several long, often steep, rolling hills.  While I know these make me stronger, they are not my favorite.  Unfortunately, I do not have a choice, so I  complain about it once or twice at the start of the season and then I try and accept it for what it is.  I find myself "tackling" these runs.  I grab my ipod, turn up the volume and zone out.  When I get to the first hill, I usually tuck my head down, lean forward and trudge up while trying not to think about it too much.  When I get to the top, I tend to quickly shift gears and enjoy the easy cruise down the other side.  This is how it goes for most of the run.  On Saturday, I happened to look up and to my left when I got to the top of Sunset Hill Road.  I did a double take and then I paused my music and stopped completely. I had to take a minute to stare at this incredible view of the mountains with the sun behind them.  It was surreal.  If I hadn't looked up for that random moment, I would have missed this small treat that the run provided.  What a shame that would have been.  This was another one of the moments when I realized how much more running has to offer.  Don't forget to look up.

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