Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Never Over

Last Friday I reluctantly emailed my training teammate and told her that I would be joining her for our eight mile hill workout.  I had been sick the week before so I wasn't sure if I had the energy to pull it off, but I decided to go for it knowing that I could always cut it short (while also knowing that it was very unlikely that I would actually do this).  We have been following a specific Runner's World marathon training plan and this happens to be one of the more grueling workouts.  Specifically, the plan tells us to "seek out the hilliest route we can find" and we have managed to find a route that has six ferocious 'beasts'.  My teammate, who is always very supportive and understanding replied, "Ok - sounds good!  Hang in there, I have a feeling that this is almost finished." This made me smile.  With two months to go until the Providence marathon, she's right, we are almost finished.  But, then what about after that?  We both race throughout the summer and fall and we've already started talking about when and where our next marathon might be.  The truth is, we will never be finished.  Yes, it does help to treat each race as a major milestone and know that when it's completed we will be temporarily finished.  We can pat ourselves on the back and take a much deserved break, but then it's on to the next.  We both know, as all runners do, that unless something crazy happens, it will never truly be over.  And, despite our grunts and groans, that's the way we like it.

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