Monday, April 9, 2012

A Test From Above

Most of you who have run a marathon or tackled something similar know that even if you train religiously and take good care of yourself throughout the process, on race day there is always an element of luck involved that you simply can't prepare for.  Today I felt as though the running gods decided to give me a little test.  It's as if they were saying, "Ok, Rebecca, you've followed your training plan really well, but have you given the outside factors that you can't control any thought?  No?  We didn't think so.  So, today, we're going to make it a little challenging for you because you know as well as we do that the stars are not always aligned perfectly on race day and we just want you to be ready."  As I was running along today I couldn't help but picture them with their clipboards in hand; sitting me down to let me know how the run was going to play out:

"Good morning.  Getting ready for your last long run today?  Atta girl.  Unfortunately, you're teammate is not going to be able to join you today as her daughter has a stomach flu and can't make it to school.  We know you enjoy doing your long runs with her but we feel like you've gotten a little too dependent on having someone along with you to pick up your spirits when the miles start to drag.  But, not to worry, you have your music, right?  Wait, oh, what was that?  You didn't charge your iPod because you assumed you wouldn't need it?  Tsk Tsk. You know better.  Better plug it in now and wait for a little charge.  What else?  Oh, it's been a mild winter which has made your training that much more bearable so today, when you head out, it's going to be ridiculously windy and it will stay that way throughout your entire run.  It's tough, we know, but it's good for you.  Now, make sure to pay attention while you're running.  We have a feeling you might take a wrong turn at some point since you typically just follow along with your teammate and don't really look at the street signs.  That's going to be a bummer as you will most likely look up and have no idea where you are.  No doubt you'll get very annoyed when you have to back track to figure it out.  And you know that water fountain at mile twelve where you normally get a drink?  Don't count on that.  It doesn't seem to be working today.  Sorry, we really had no control over that one.  Finally, remember all those jelly beans you ate yesterday on Easter?  Well, we do.  Those are not going to sit so well with you later in your run.  All that sugar might cause some cramping.  Bet you won't let that happen again, eh?  But, hey, you're in great shape otherwise and we believe in you.  So, get out there and make it happen."

If only I had known.  But, that was their point.  It's impossible to plan for everything.  So despite the fact that I was cursing the running gods today, there was part of me that was yelling, "what else you got?"

Listen to this:
Florida - Modest Mouse  Florida - We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

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