Monday, June 18, 2012

Play. Pause. Stop.

Over the week-end about 20 of us went camping at Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod.  We arrived Friday evening and immediately got into the swing of things ie. set up our tents, started a fire, and got out the folding chairs.  Then we sat, relaxed and laughed as we watched all our kids go crazy with excitement about being in the wild.  Saturday morning we were up at dawn with all the other animals, children and daddy longlegs in the area.  By 10:00 I was itching to go for a run as I was tired and a bit draggy and I felt like a run would perk me up.  I grabbed my iPod and headed toward the bike path.  Within minutes I ran into nearly my entire group, both kids and adults, on their bikes headed back up the path.  I paused my music and chatted with them a little before I took off again.  The next thing I know I was at an intersection with no idea where to go.  I paused my music again and asked the two girls in front of me if they new the best route.  They didn't, but said they were going left because it felt right, so I followed their lead.  I was cruising along for maybe two minutes before I was cut off by two labs who were barreling down then hill toward me, tongues out, tails wagging.  This time I stopped my music as I took a minute to pet the dogs and talk to their owners.  Finally, I started off again but this time I didn't press play.  The iPod went in my pocket.  There was way too much going on and I decided I didn't want to zone out for this run.  In addition to all the people out and about waving or wanting to chat, there were wild flowers everywhere and various woodland animals that just needed to be checked out.  Rather than getting lost in my music, as I typically do, I got lost in the moment, bugs and all.  There is no question I love music and that it helps motivate me to run, but it's nice to know that there are other things out there that can push me along and when that happens, I need to take advantage of it.  It was a short four mile run and one of the best I've had in weeks.  Thank you mother nature.

Listen to this:
Take A Walk - Passion Pit  Take a Walk - Take a Walk - Single

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