Monday, August 20, 2012

You Never Know

I just got back from a week with my family in New Hampshire where I ran less and relaxed, slept and ate way more.  It was so nice.  About a month ago, my teammate and I signed up for a 5K to run together on the Sunday after I was getting home.  I knew it would be after this lazy, gluttonous week, but it was local, inexpensive and "relatively" flat, so I decided it was worth it.  This morning when I woke up I was doubting my decision.  I had slept terribly; tossing, turning and waking up often, twice with my kids.  After a slow start, I gathered all my things then quickly checked my iPod.  Despite the fact that I'd charged it the night before, when I pressed play I got nothing.  No green light, no sound, nada.  I immediately started to panic as I knew I was going to need music for motivation this race (yes, I'm too dependent).  My husband told me to calm down and suggested I grab my daughter's Nano and do a quick download.  As I rushed around trying to find it (not an easy task), he assured me that I had enough time but I continued to freak out.  Finally, I threw everything in the car realizing that I had forgotten and/or couldn't find my sunglasses but now I was on the clock, so I couldn't go back.  By the time I scooped up my teammate, I felt as though my day was falling apart before it had started.  Such is life.  We parked the car, grabbed our numbers and warmed up without any major issues other than having to bail on the bathroom because the line was too long.  With minutes to go, we high-fived and danced a little as we always like to do.  Right before we took off she said nudged me and said, "hey, you never know".  And you don't.  For the first few minutes I futzed around with my daughter's iPod which was playing the same song on repeat.  Then I cursed myself for not having gone to the bathroom one last time.  Then I let go of all my thoughts and emotions and just ran.  I didn't check my pace or my distance and just went with how I felt for a change.  It had been such a crazy morning and everything had felt off, right up to the start of the race.  And when I crossed the finish line and looked at the clock, I realized I'd run a time better than I've run in years.  It was a huge breakthrough.  I could only laugh.  You never know.  But you can always expect the unexpected.

Listen to this:
The Night - School of Seven Bells   The Night - Ghostory


  1. Very small world. I found your blog through oiselle and then saw your post on fb- mentioned something to my mom (b/c the last name sounded familiar) turns out my mother and your mother in law are friendly- sorry if that sounds stalker ish! But I have been reading your blog all summer since I bought my first pair of oiselle shorts and I signed up for my first half.... Thank you for giving great listening suggestions!

    1. What a crazy, small world! Will be sharing with my mother-in-law. She loves this stuff. Are you up for sharing her name or emailing it to me because I know she'll ask. If not, no sweat. So glad you're reading the blog and enjoying the tunes. And nice work on signing up for the half. You'll love it. It's my favorite race distance. Best of luck and happy running.
      pS - if you're a regular reader, join the RWM site (see right). Would be great to keep in touch.

    2. Definitely! Its Kim (my mom is ellen they will actually be seeing each other tonight) after reading your blog I have encouraged my girls to start "running" with me a bit. its been great so thank you! I am a regular reader I will join the site:)!