Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kids Will Run. And Run. And Run.

How 'bout them boots?
My kids are 5 and 7 and they run a lot.  They don't actually go running, but they are always running school; both on the playground and in gym, throughout the neighborhood, throughout the get the point.  As a parent, I'm glad they run (unless it's 9:00 at night and I'm trying to get them to bed).  Kids need to be active.  It's part of life at that age.  Much to my chagrin, when my girls head off to school they are typically wearing Bear Paws, sandals, or in Grace's case, cowboy boots from Target. As an avid runner, it kills me to think of my daughters playing soccer or lacrosse in boots of any kind.  I can almost feel their ankles turning in from afar.  Kid's feet need as much support from their shoes as grown ups, perhaps even more.  They are just as prone to injuries as we are and if they run track or cross country at a young age, they are at an even higher risk.  Do they need a fancy pair of Nike Frees at age 5?  Probably not.  But there are a ton of good running shoe options out there for kids who are on the move.

Here in Winchester, we are fortunate to have
Kids Footstop, a store that sells various brands of running shoes for toddlers and kids through about middle school age.  I got my older daughter a really good pair of Sauconys, a brand that I know and love, without breaking the bank.  They also carry Asics, Puma and Reeboks, so there are plenty of choices.  For those of you who are in or near Winchester and have young kids, I highly recommend checking out this local mecca for athletic footwear.  As a friend of RWM, starting tomorrow they are giving out a FREE Crocs T-shirt (see above) with every purchase while supplies last.  Just mention RUNNINGWITHMUSIC at the register and they'll grab you a shirt.  For those of you who aren't local, no worries.  Add a comment below about anything related to kids and/or running and you'll be entered to win one of these shirts from RWM directly.  Kids are on gonna run.  Let's support the habit!

Listen to this:*
Hello - Martin Solvieg & Dragonette   Hello - Hello - Single
*Kids choice today.  Not gonna lie, I love it, too.  Thanks Rosie & Grace

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