Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Small Dose

Want to get fired up about running?  Go watch a high school track meet.  Even if you're not a runner, you'll be inspired to run do something.  I watched the LHS girls' team fly to victory yesterday and I was reminded about the simple joys of running.  When they weren't racing, these kids were smiling, laughing, dancing, cheering each other on, giving pep talks or simply hanging out next to one another, not saying anything, but just being there for each other.  The whole field house was buzzing and the energy was tangible.  People often ask me why I run or how I could possibly enjoy doing it as often as I do.  Typically, I throw out my standard keeps me sane, it keeps me healthy, blah, blah, blah.  But, yesterday I was reminded of the other reasons that I love it.  The karma just feels good around running and, more specifically, running events.  People - runners, coaches, parents - tend to be nice and supportive and truly interested in what you're doing.  Non-huggers forget they don't like to hug and wrap their arms around their buddies when they win a race or have a bad one.  The camaraderie is insane and awesome.  I, personally, have had several races where I've gotten in synch with another runner and we've finished together.  Nine times out of ten, especially if we've pushed hard and worked off of each other, we are hugging at the finish line.  Five times out of ten we're exchanging Facebook info or email addresses so we can keep in touch.  And once in a while, we meet up again for another race. (John, I'm still holding out for this!!).
Total strangers at mile 13.  Good friends at the finish.
I had planned to hang out for an hour max yesterday and I literally couldn't leave.  Each time I turned to head out, someone would grab me, or I'd see something exciting and/or inspiring and I'd find myself turning back around for "just a few more minutes".  I've had some hard days lately where I haven't really wanted to run or I've been doubting why I do it.  As I head to the gym today for my date with the treadmill I will think back on yesterday's experience.  That small dose of inspiration was just what I needed.  No prescription necessary.

Listen to this:
Share With Me the Sun - Portugal. The Man  Share With Me the Sun - In the Mountain In the Cloud


  1. I love that camaraderie too! My current coach I first met at a marathon in another state, and we finished the (horrible) race together. He helped me to smile at the end, when I sort of just wanted to punch a wall or something. When I met him again later and realized he was from my hometown, I couldn't believe the coincidence. Running is a small (but growing) and happy world!

  2. Nice! I ran track in high school. One of my figure skating friends wanted to start a girl's track team and asked me to join. We had nine girls and no coach. Halfway through the season my mom had a pointed meeting with the administration about how the boys track team had a coach and assistant coaches and there was this thing called Title IX, so they'd better get us a coach or else! With only nine girls, I ran several events per meet, and being a figure skater, I did everything that involved jumping, like hurdles, high jump, and long jump, as well as half mile! I am sure today's girls are more specialized, but it was fun! One thing I remember is that we used to high jump over a metal bar, yikes!