Monday, February 4, 2013

My Starbucks Drinking Habit: A Top 10 List

After a long run or a hard workout I often reward myself with a mocha from Starbucks.  In Winchester, we don't have a lot of coffee shop options so, despite the name, our Starbucks is more like a local cafe.  When I'm training for a marathon, which is usually about once a year, I spend a slightly absurd amount of time at said establishment during the four months prior to the race.  My teammate, who I often do these particular workouts with, also enjoys to treat herself when we've pushed hard and "earned" it.  Both of us recognize that it's a bit of an expensive habit.  But, truly, it could be a lot worse.  I mean, we're rewarding ourselves with a hot drink after 20 miles.  That seems (sort of) justified.  Anyway, lately I have become aware of the fact that I am spending a ridiculous amount of time at the Winchester Starbucks.  I'm not too worried about it and I'm not likely to change my drinking habits, but some of the reasons I came up with when I realized this made me chuckle.  And, as I told Coach McMillan recently, I need to find some humor during these brutal months of training or I might go a wee bit crazy.  So, as I was enjoying my last mocha, here's what I came up with:

Patty, me and Katie post long-run.  Yes, it's that bad.

Top 10 Reasons I Might Be Spending Too Much Time at Starbucks:

1. I know almost all of the baristas by name, including Patty, Allysa, Kremena, Katie, Jamie & Mary.  There's also a new guy that I will likely get to know within the next 3 weeks - if not well, at least by name.

2. Patty, the manager, not only knows what I order, but knows to ask how far I ran that day to determine whether or not I have "earned" a grande.

3. When there is no more 'SUGAR IN THE RAW' left in the bin I just go in the cabinet and replace it myself.  No need to disturb anyone for that.

4. Patty calls me "Bec" which is what my closest friends call me.  She didn't ask, it just sort of happened.  I'm totally fine with it.

5. When I show up without KH, my teammate, people wonder if something has happened to one or both of us and when I tell them we're all good, they then assume I know exactly where she is and what she's doing.

6. I have accidentally forgotten my card and/or money and Patty will let me get, not one, but 2 drinks, and trust that I will come pay her back later in the afternoon.  Her reply last time this happened, "No worries, Bec.  We know you aren't going anwhere."

7. Twice, they have reminded me that I am due for a free drink and should check my rewards before I order.

8. A previous employee, Nancy, recently moved to Florida for school and a new job and I made sure to go in on her last day, give her a hug and wish her good luck.

9. When I show up at 6:30 in the morning, which is rare, but has happened, Patty will ask whether it's because I'm out of beans or my machine has broken down, the only 2 reasons that warrant purchasing 2 coffees for myself in one day.

10. I am a Starbucks gold card member and I have already earned the necessary stars to guarantee my membership through 2014.

A big 'thank you' to all the good people at the Winchester Starbucks who support my habit.  Now, I'm off to run a 16 miler.  Patty, I'll see you in a couple of hours.

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  1. So true! The Winchester 'Bucks team is the best! Thanks for all the love you put in our drinks - it makes us stronger and faster. ;-)

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