Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The (Re)Taper: A Top 10 List


As most of you  know, I opted out of the Hyannis marathon last Sunday due to bad weather.  At one point, it looked like the race was not even going to go on because of a winter storm that was threatening the Cape with 50mph winds.  In the end, it wasn't as bad as they predicted and the race took place as planned.  I like to think I can brave almost anything out on the road but in the end, I just didn't have it in me to run against a winter storm for 26.2 miles.  Kudos to all those runners who fought the wind, rain and cold last Sunday, including my bad-ass sister-in-law who completely rocked it.  Rather than throw away four months of training, my running partner and I got online and found another marathon to run the following week-end.  Then we scrambled like mad to make it work logistically - not easy with five kids between the two of us.  This is a long-winded way of telling you that this week is just about the longest week I've ever lived through.  How the hell is it only Wednesday?  And what am I supposed to do with myself for the next 2 days once the necessary and usual stuff gets done?  I admit, it's not a bad problem to have....too much time.  But in this case, it's accompanied by nervousness, anxiousness and a little bit of doubt, so I'd almost rather not have it.  In any case, here are some ideas for things to do when you are tapering, or in this case, tapering again, for a marathon:

Top 10 Things to Do When You Are (Re)Tapering for a Marathon

1. Re-pack your race bag. In my case, I'm now running in Georgia instead of Cape Cod.  It will likely be 50 degrees, sunny & a bit humid, instead of 30 degrees and rainy.  Lots to think about there.
2. Pick up a book about running or anything else that you might be interested in learning more about.  I happen to be diving into two books this week - "The Youth and Running Encyclopedia" by Mick Grant and John Movar  and "Running the Rift" by Naomi Benaron.
3. Focus on your other jobs and/or hobbies.  I have ample time to hang with my girls this week as well as time to work on my spring track schedule for my girls' high school team - two things I've been meaning to spend more time on.
4. Go see live music.  It might take your mind completely off of running for a few hours - music, in general, can be such a solid distraction.  Me? I'll be seeing the Eels tonight at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.  Only 11 hours until they go on.
5. Take a nap.  How often do you get to do THIS?  Personally, it happens very rarely.  30 minutes. Such a treat.
How cool is this?

6. Grab a coffee and/or take a walk with a friend you haven't caught up with in a while.  I did both with my neighbor yesterday.  It was lovely.
7. Clean out your closets or your kids' closets.  Huge pain in the ass.  But, incredibly rewarding when it's done.
8. Make one of the walls in your kitchen a chalkboard using contact paper (see right).  Ok, this one is a little specific and a bit random, but you would not believe how much time this took me yesterday.  There was a lot of cursing and I might have broken a sweat, but in the end it looks AWESOME and the girls love it.
9. Carbo-load. Again.  Not that fun, but you can try and make it interesting by loading up with different foods and meals than you used last week.  Yes, I'm reaching here.
10. Relax. Embrace the time.  Remind yourself that if you were ready last week, you're going to be ready this week.  It's all good. 

And I have 2 more days to fill, so feel free to share your ideas at this point.  Please? 


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  1. Hang in there with the anticipation, glad you are finding things to do! Next week is my pre-competition week, I'm working hard now. I realized I had to recut my music five seconds shorter due to this competition's rules so I'm trying to finish my program in that shorter time and get used to the change in the music. Not consistently there yet. I have lessons tomorrow and Friday and probably a couple more next week before I leave. Then it will be about skating just enough to keep my skills fresh and get to know the ice at the rink where the event will be held. How much in advance of your race will you fly down?

    1. Flying down tomorrow. Race is 7:00 Saturday morning. D'oh! Less time to think about it might be a good thing. Best of luck with on your end. You're going to rock it.
      ~ Rebecca

  2. Which race are you running in GA?! If you were in AL, I'd come cheer you on. Have fun! It's kind of chilly down here right now (i.e. perfect for a marathon). You will rock this!

    1. Albany. So fired up. Hope I do "rock it" like you did!! Definitely have your running stories in my head for inspiration.