Monday, May 13, 2013

Deep Thoughts


For Mother's Day, I got a new bike from L.L. Bean (awesome), a Smoothie cookbook (also, awesome),  and....drum roll....I got to get up at 7:30 and drive to Waltham, MA to get an MRI done on my left foot.  Not awesome.  For weeks, I have been fighting with my good buddies; yes, you know them, the sweet, smart running Angel and the sly, not-so-smart, running Devil.  In this case, the debate hasn't been whether or not I should run, but whether or not I should find out what the issue is at all.  On the days when the pain is less and I can get my run in somewhat comfortably, I tend to decide it's not worth knowing and that I should just ice it, take IBs and "watch it".  On the days when my foot is throbbing and it hurts to even put on shoes, well, on those days I usually decide it's time to find out what the problem is.  After about a month of this back and forth, I finally called my doctor.  I knew she would tell me two things: 1. stop running and 2. yes, we do need to figure it out.  I guess I needed to be forced to make a decision and the doctor was the one to do it.  In the end, I knew I wouldn't fight the doctor's orders.  Okay, maybe I fought the "stop running" part...just a little.  Okay, maybe a little more than that.  So stubborn we runners are.  Many of you have had an MRI.  Basically, you lie in an enclosed "space capsule-like" machine for about 45 minutes while the technicians take pictures of the area in question.  Good times.  For those of you, like me, who have had one done to figure out a running-related issue, the MRI is likely the end of a long road of uncertainty, pain and frustration and, hopefully, the start on a new road to recovery.  Saddle up.  Yesterday, as I was laying like a mummy in the MRI machine, I had some deep (and um, not so deep) thoughts that I thought I would share today as I wait for the results.  Here's a little sampling of what was swirling through my head.

DEEP THOUGHTS by REBECCA TRACHSEL (while in the MRI machine)

1. Holy crap, this thing is loud.  It sounds like a freakin' jack hammer is next to me.  On both sides.  I don't know how those guys who work on the roads deal with this noise day in and day out.  I have a whole new respect for them.  

2. What the hell am I going to do with myself if I can't go running?  Wait, I did just get a new bike.  I can bike.  But, it's not the same.  I know... I can focus on core work and get more Yoga in.  I've been meaning to do both of those.  Or maybe I can just chill and enjoy some time off.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (this lasted for a while).  

3. I am going straight to Starbucks after this and getting myself a soy mocha.  It's freakin' Mother's Day. I deserve the treat.  Hell, I might even go nuts and get a grande.  

4. Hmmm, I wonder if I can squeeze in one or two more runs in before I get the results.  What I don't know can't hurt me, right?  Right.

5. I mean, it still could be nothing.   Maybe it's nothing.  Maybe I am overreacting.  Maybe I should have just taken a few weeks off and it would have healed itself.  Is it too late to get out of this thing?

-------------  LONG PAUSE HERE (because, clearly, it was too late) -----------

6. least the new Vampire Weekend album is coming out this week.

To be continued....


Listen to this:
In Ruins - Fol Chen  In Ruins - Part II: The New December (Bonus Track Version)

Note: Heard this yesterday at my daughter's dance recital.  No joke.  I pulled out my phone and "Shazam"ed it.  I got few looks but it was worth it.  

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  1. Oh Geeze! Hope it is nothing!!! Fingers Crossed!

  2. Oh, shoot! I hate being told to not exercise! I'm glad you can at least do something, but still. Earlier this spring I had a hip issue and had to go into my sports medicine doctor. It wasn't that bad so I felt kind of shy to go in and complain about it. But he praised me for coming in and not letting it get so bad that I would have to stop training. He knows me pretty well after close to 20 years and I guess I've gotten a little better about coming in. I did a month of PT and I did not have to stop skating, which was great because I had a big event coming up. I hope the same works out for you.