Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Replay Wednesday

What's Replay Wednesday, you ask?  It's a day dedicated to music, so to speak.  It's a day where you take your album of choice and play it all the way through.  And then you play it again.  Okay in truth, I was trying to think of a clever twist on "hump day" that was related to music.  This was the best I could do.  But seriously, why not?  Take an album that you have recently purchased or that you haven't listened to in a really long time or an album that you 'like' but don't 'love' (because this one deserves another shot) and listen to each song…in order…no skipping.  Then listen again.  I realize we're all busy and we likely can't take the time to sit down and listen to an entire album start to finish twice.  But that's the beauty of this particular exercise.  Perhaps you start by playing it in the car and then listen again while you are out on a run.  Personally, I believe that our appreciation for music/songs/artists varies based on where and when we hear them, who we are with, what mood we are in, etc.  I'll venture to guess that the album you pick is going to sound totally different if you're listening in your car then it will when you listen to it while you run.  Let me break it down for you.  Let's say you're driving your kids to camp and you're running late and your youngest one is telling you she doesn't want to go (sweet), so you're a wee bit stressed out.  True, it's hard to focus on the music in this scenario, but it's a nice distraction so you've still got it on.  Then you play the same music while you are out running, which you are doing to help you unwind from the stress you were just dealing with.  That music is going to have a whole new sound and meaning for you in this second scenario, right?  My good friend CJZ recently discovered Lord Huron's album "Lonesome Dreams".  At the moment, every day is Replay Wednesday for her.  Okay, she's slightly obsessed.  But, she told me, each time she listens to the album she hears something new and different and then likes it even more, which makes her want to listen to it again.  I get it.  It's the sign of a good album.  Of an album that tells a story.  Of an album that inspires you.  Of an album that's worth replaying.  So go listen.  Then listen again.  

My Replay Wednesday albums: 

Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave
Cave Rave - Crystal Fighters


Rolling Stones - Tattoo You
Tattoo You - The Rolling Stones

What's yours?  

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