Monday, March 24, 2014

A Mom's 'Long Run' Day

My typical schedule on a "long run" day:

~ Drink coffee.
~ Charge electronics. (Bia go-stick & iPod)
~ Feed dog.
~ Curse out loud because I forgot to buy more GUs last week.
~ Find one stashed away in my running bag from last year. (It's expired, but does GU really expire??)
~ Make lunches.
~ Eat whatever I can find in the pantry that will fuel me up for 20 miles. (ie. cinnamon bread, Honey Nut Cheerios or one of my kids' ZBars)
~ Drop girls at school.
~ Procrastinate in the hallways by talking to other moms about nothing important.
~ Attempt to drum up some motivation on the drive home by turning up the volume on Kiss108. (my girls' favorite radio station)
~ Procrastinate a little more at home. (dishes, laundry, email, etc.)
~ Double check that iPod is charged (must have music)
~ Run for 3 hours.
~ Finish and stretch.
~ Lie on the floor for 15 minutes wondering how I am going to make it through the rest of my day.
~ Drink more coffee.
~ Freak out when I realize I have one hour to get all of the following done:
  • shower
  • grocery shop
  • eat lunch
  • go to CVS to fill a prescription
  • find an electrician and schedule an appointment
  • everything else on the list that I put off over the weekend.
~ Head to work. (while shoveling a pb&j in my mouth on the way)
~ Run around with over 100 high school girls for 2 hours at track practice.
~ Head back home.
~ Help my girls with any remaining homework.
~ Make their dinner. (eating whatever I'm making as I cook)
~ Eat a second dinner with my husband.
~ Read one page of a book.
~ Pass out at 8:45. (before my kids)

It's currently 7:30am and I'm on the "make lunches" task.  It's going to be a long day.  Giddy up.

Listen to this:
Don't Wait - Mapei  


  1. I had to giggle at this, but any mum and runner can so totally relate.

    1. Thank goodness. That's 100% why I write these posts. I know other people out there are dealing with the same thing and likely laughing along with me. :)

  2. Great post, and made me giggle too! SO true!