Tuesday, April 15, 2014


You are a runner.  Doesn't matter how fast or slow, whether you run 3 miles a day or 60 miles per week, whether you love it or you do it because you have to.  You run.  And that is all that matters here.  It's a week before your race.  The one you signed up for a year ago, or the one you snuck into last week because a friend persuaded you to join them.  Maybe it's your first marathon (holy crap) or the 5k you've never tried but have always wanted to.  Again, doesn't matter.  All that matters is that race day is approaching and you want....no, you need to be prepared.  So close your eyes.  No, really.  Close them.  And you think to yourself, "how nice would it be if someone went out and gathered all the best race supplies; everything I could possibly need (and might not necessarily think of myself), put them all together in a neat little box and dropped them on my front door."  To which I would then respond .... ABRACADABRA and ALAKAZAM.... (yes, I have always wanted to do this)

....VOILÀ.  Just like that, your prayers have been answered by, the one and only, RUNNERBOX.  Their Limited Edition Race Survival Kit has magically appeared in your mailbox.  Ok, fine, I sent it to you.  But, I like the magic version better.  Seriously, though, spring is race season for many of us and thankfully, RUNNERBOX has got us all covered.  With this Race Survival Kit, they will make sure you get to the line with everything you need to start smart and finish strong.  They've got you covered for your pre-race training run, through the race itself and to your post-race recovery.  All of it in one fell swoop.  Or, I should say, in a neat little box.

You can see why I love this company so much, right?  Click here to see a list of the specific items in this box of amazingness.  I wish I had one of these kits for all of you, but, alas, I only have one.  Enter below to win this baby.  It's quick, easy and freakin' awesome.  Not into contests?  I get it.  If you still want to get your hands on this puppy, head right over to therunnerbox.com and enter RWMRB13 at checkout to get 10% off your order.  It's a win-win.  Huge thanks to the RUNNERBOX crew for helping us all survive.  This contest is short and sweet so don't wait to enter.  I'm guessing a lot of you have races coming up so I want to get this puppy out ASAP!  Good luck.  Now, hurry.  GO!!!

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  1. I have to have my Glide - if it hasn't been applied, life isn't going to go well. Yes, I have my lucky hat, fave socks and pre-race fuel preferences, but without the glide- YIKES!

  2. BODYGLIDe is a good one but gels come in a close second!

  3. A good pair of socks! And ditto on fuel and body glide.

  4. In that one race I ran... I learned that water stations or no, I'd rather carry along my hand held water bottle so that I could race like I train, with small sips when I wanted.

  5. My Road Runner Sports hat. It keeps my hair out of my face and the sun out of my eyes.

  6. No matter how excited I am for a race, the day has to start with a nice cup of coffee! It gets me focused and ready to run.

  7. My running shoes. Can't take my first step without them!

    1. Solid point. We all kind of need to start with those.

  8. I must have my iPhone, so I can use Nike+. Also bodyglide and Wrights Double Layer Socks for my feet, sunglasses, and a hat. Oh, SUNBLOCK.

  9. I must have my sunglasses. Sun in the eyes is not fun.

  10. Compression socks and my gps watch!


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