Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last week a representative from ASICS reached out, asking if I'd like to give the new GEL ELECTRO 33s a try.  As you can imagine, I was totally pumped.  You're lying if you tell me your a runner and you wouldn't get excited if you got the chance test drive a new pair of kicks, free of charge.  I immediately wrote back and let him know that I was totally game for giving them a go and that I was very grateful for the cool opportunity.  How did he find me, you ask?  Turns out he stumbled on this blog and my passion for both running and fitness (her words) captured her attention.  In addition, he felt that RWM embodied the ASICS "Better Your Best" mantra.  Well, I'll be dammed, I thought to myself.  I was both floored and flattered that writing about what I love could lead to such great things.  Guess I'll keep writing.  Okay, so on to the review.  Here's my 2¢.  Huge thanks to ASICS for connecting with me.  Always happy to oblige.


First and foremost, these shoes are ridiculously badass looking.  Am I going to purchase a shoe based on how it looks?  Well, if I am being totally honest here, sometimes I do.  It doesn't necessarily mean that I will run in them every day, but you can bet I'll be wearing them if they look good on.  So, based on looks alone, these babies are a winner.  Now, onto the important stuff.  I wore these shoes for a 12 mile run, for a speed workout, and for an easy 4 mile cruiser.  The first thing I noticed when I ran in them was how light they were.  I typically train in the Saucony Ride, which weighs in at 8.5 ounces.  The Electros are almost like slippers, weighing a mere 7.1 ounces.  The difference was huge on the road and likely the closest I'll ever come to barefoot running.  The second thing I noticed right off the bat was the roomier toe box.  I'm used to feeling a bit cramped in that area, which doesn't bother me because it's what I know.  That said, having my toes comfortably spread out a bit as I cruised along was a very pleasant sensation and it was nice to have the extra room for a change.  They have solid cushion in both the heel and the toe, but I definitely noticed it more in the forefoot, particularly during the speed workout.  I had some good spring in my step during each repeat and though I know it didn't change my speed, it did make me feel faster.  I'll take that any day.  Being used to a heavier shoe with more heel support, I struggled a bit on the long run as I felt as though I didn't have the cushion I needed toward the end of the run.  That said, I'm not familiar with this lighter shoe, so perhaps it just made me nervous.  Someone like my Oiselle teammate and good friend Ellen M., who trains and runs in the New Balance 1400s, would be used to this lighter feel and might even find they have too much cushion.  Clearly, it's a very personal choice and we all have our own priorities when it comes to the fit of our shoes.  In a nutshell, I found these shoes light, airy, and very comfortable.  And, as I mentioned, I freakin' love the way they look.  Moving forward, I will be wearing them for speed work, shorter runs and for races up to a half marathon.  But, I will probably hold off on using them for my long runs and in the marathon.  So, big thumbs up for the ASICS GEL-ELECTRO 33s.  At a reasonable $110, they are totally worth it and I highly recommend giving them a shot.

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