Monday, June 2, 2014


My daughter, Grace, found a 5 leaf clover in our front yard this weekend.  No joke.  In my 39 years, I've never seen one of those.  I'm thinking its got enough luck in it for our entire family for at least a month, if not more.  Thus, I am claiming this month, LUCKY JUNE.  Here's how yesterday, June 1st, unfolded for me.  If it's any indication of how the rest of the month will go, I'm going to need to heavy up on the caffeine.  And I'm totally fine with that.  No, but seriously, my lucky streak officially began with this crazy but fantastic day.  Thanks, Grace!  Happy June.

7:30am - Woke up (pretty late for me)
7:35am - Enjoyed first cup of coffee
7:45am - Considered joining my good friend Kelly and her crew for the Aids Action 5K over in Boston and then decided against it.
8:00am - Enjoyed second cup of coffee
8:15am - Looked outside and noticed how gorgeous it was.  Couldn't stop thinking about the fact that it was a perfect day for a race and that I really wanted to catch up with Kelly, who I hadn't seen since Boston.
8:30am - Completely switched gears; threw on my running clothes, grabbed my iPod and some $$, chugged some water, threw a banana in my bag and high-fived my husband on my way out the door. (he wins 'Trooper of the Day' for not blinking an eye when I changed my mind and decided to race)
8:45am - Bee-lined it into Boston, calling Kelly on the way and letting her know that I was coming and would try and track her down as soon as I got there.
9:00am - Turned on to Boylston street only to find Kelly and crew as they were throwing their race shirts into their car.  What luck!
9:05am - Did a few laps in the Back Bay, looking for a parking space.  Started to panic and broke a sweat.  Headed up the street only to find Kelly's friend, Carmela standing in the middle of a space refusing to let anyone park there so I could snag it.  More good luck.
9:10am - Headed over the race.  Purchased my bib.  Made a quick pit stop at the port-o-pottys, and then eased into a warm-up, catching up with Kelly along the way.
9:30am - One more pit stop.
9:50am - Race start.
10:09:29am - Cruised through the finish line, both tired and hot, but pleasantly surprised with my time.
10:20am - Regrouped with Kelly and Carmela for some photos, several post-race hugs and to say our goodbyes.
Carmela, Kelly and I post-race.
Proud to report that all 3 of us took 1st in our 
respective age groups.

10:30am - Cooled down with an easy run back to my car and then headed back to Winchester.
11:00am - Made a quick stop at Starbucks for a well-earned grande iced mocha and an iced coffee for my husband to thank him for being so ridiculously flexible.
11:15am - Coated my kids from head to toe in sunscreen and packed their bag (towels, goggles, etc.) as they got ready to head to the pool for lunch and a swim.  Ahhh, summer!
11:30am - Jumped in the shower, re-packed my own bag, and got ready to head to Andover, MA for my high school track team's Divisional Meet.
12:00pm - Enjoyed a quick lunch with my husband and kids before getting back on the road for Running: Round 2.
1:00pm - Arrived in Andover.  Had to park about a mile from the track, but I got the last spot in the parking lot as I squeezed in next to a school bus.  Ran as fast as possible with a stupidly large backpack on (not very fast) in order to make it over to the meet in time.  The luck of finding the spot was equal to the stress of getting to the track, so this one was a wash.
1:15pm - Threw my stuff down and rushed to find my 2 milers so I could give them a pep talk before their race.  At this point, it was a solid 80 degrees, and the track was a frying pan.  Really tough conditions for the girls.  Even luck can't control the weather!
1:30 - 6:30pm - Cheered on my distance squad in their 2 mile, 1 mile and 4x800 relay races, as well as the rest of the LHS team as the poured their hearts out onto the track.

The LHS Distance Squad 

6:45pm - Headed back home to Winchester.
7:15pm - Picked up pizzas for dinner.  No time for cooking.
7:30pm - Sat on my front porch, enjoyed a cold beer and watched as the neighborhood kids played a mad game of capture the flag.  Ahhh, summer!
8:00pm - Enjoyed dinner with my family, listened as they told me about their day, and wished I could have been two places at once.  Don't push your luck, right?
9:30pm - Out like a light.


I Never Learn - Lykke Li  

Start Again - Bishop Allen  

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  1. I'm glad you went for it and squeezed in the 5K! You made the most out of your day for sure.