Monday, August 18, 2014


"I’m gonna let my heart decide if this is real
A thousand pictures can’t describe how I feel
It’s like the world doesn’t exist, but I can still see it’s (the) heart that I’m hearing."
~ Galantis, 'The Heart That I'm Hearing'


This morning, as I was running around looking for shin guards, making breakfast, pounding coffee and getting my girls ready for soccer camp, I suddenly realized I had an ear to ear grin spread across my face.  I also realized that, despite all the stress and chaos of this Monday routine, the smile was just kind of stuck there.  At one point, my 9 year old daughter stopped what she was doing, gave me a strange look and asked me if everything was okay.  "It's all good, Rosie", I told her, "it's just the Oiselle Effect."  She rolled her eyes and mumbled something to the tune of "whatever".  I just laughed to myself, as I continued to get them ready, with the smile still plastered across my face.  Did I look ridiculous?  Probably.  Did I care?  No, I did not.  In truth, I couldn't really help it.  What's the Oiselle Effect, you ask?  I'm so glad you asked.*


The feeling of 100% pure joy that flows through my body when I think back on my experience at running camp (aka BIRDCAMP) in Bend, OR.  The electric buzz in my head and in my heart that automatically goes off when I conjure up the memory of those four long and incredibly powerful days that I spent running, eating, sleeping and just being with over 100 of my Oiselle teammates.  That feeling of weightlessness and flight that I knew existed but that I now truly understand.  And, most importantly, the specific feeling that I will do everything in my power to call on next time I am mid-race or hard workout and I want to reset my mind and take it to the place where I soared to new heights as both a runner and a person.  

Listen to this:
Surrounded by Your Friends - Hooray For Earth  

*Note: Full blog post on BIRDCAMP to follow once I get this ridiculous grin off my face and my regular life somewhat back to normal.

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  1. I love that song! Jealous you got to go to bird camp!