Thursday, October 2, 2014


Oh yeah.  It's on.  According my kids, this is by far the best holiday of the year.  Unless you ask them in November, then it's Thanksgiving or December because then it's Christmas or, of course, April and then it' get the point.  This, so-called, holiday train leaves the station in October and Rosie & Grace are fired up and ready to ride.  Oh, to be a kid!  First stop, Halloween.  The costumes have been decided (Rosie - the Mad Hatter & Grace - Thing 1 from Cat in the Hat), the candy corn has been purchased (okay, fine, I bought it for myself) and the house decorations have been pulled out.  Let the chaos begin.  There's a few other things happening this month but none of them hold a candle to Halloween and all that is involved.  As always, I will do my best to embrace the madness.  Just have to go run a marathon first.  No biggie.  Hell, maybe I'll even dress up this year.  Happy October, everyone.  Hope it's Spooktacular!

~ Taper.  FINALLY.
~ Read, write, meet friends for coffee, organize closets and do whatever else I can to fill the time when I'm usually running.  Tick tock.
~ Mentally prepare myself for Halloween and the obscene amount of candy that is involved.  Can one every really prepare for this?
~ Run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in Albany, NY on October 12th.
~ Do a little leaf peeping with the family the next day.  No need to walk for that, right? 
~ Relax and enjoy some hard earned time off from training for a few weeks afterwards.
~ Figure out my next move in regards to running and racing.  I can feel my husband's eyes rolling from afar.
~ Take my high school XC team to the Twilight Invitational in Falmouth.  GO LEX!
~ Eat too much candy corn.  Always a problem.  Happens every year.
~ Purchase and carve our pumpkins.

Grace holding Fred, our skeleton.

~ Decorate house with as much Halloween garb as possible (think spider webs, gravestones, skeletons, etc.)
~ Sit back, chill out and enjoy some new music.


You Haunt Me - Sir Sly

L.A.F. - Broods

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