Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This coming Saturday, my Lexington High School XC ladies will be competing at the MIAA All-State Finals out at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA.  It is a meet that they had to qualify for, which they did last Saturday at the EMASS Divisional Meet by taking 2nd place in their division (top 4 teams moved on).  It's both the culmination and the pinnacle of their season.  These girls have worked unbelievably hard to get to this point and, regardless of how this meet plays out, I'm so insanely proud of them.  Though it goes by fast, the XC season is actually pretty long.  We start training in late August and we're ending now, in mid-November.  It can be tough for the girls to stay fit, motivated and healthy for 3+ months.  But, somehow, they always manage to pull through.  A lot of that has to do with the strength of their team.  They love each other, support each other, train with each other, cheer for each other, lean on each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other, and at the end of the day, there is no way they would get to this stage of the season each year without each other.  It's a loud, crazy, driven bunch of awesome girls and I wouldn't want it any other way.  To give you a sense of what it's all about, here's a look at how it all breaks down in numbers.


1 season
13 weeks
56 runners

2 coaches
68 practices

7 League meets
7-0 League meet record

Ocean State Invitational

3 Invitationals (Clipper, Ocean State, Bay State)
1 EMASS Divisional Meet
1 MIAA All-State Meet

110 pairs of sneakers (minimum)
500 sports bras (give or take)
50ish pairs of compressions socks/sleeves

thousands of gallons of water and gatorade
hundreds of pre-meet bagels
an insane amounts of bananas

3 banana costumes
4 pies (nice work, Lucy)
0 jars of homemade jam (still waiting, Lucy)

 lots of pep talks
3 fundraisers

1 ALS ice bucket challenge
1 car wash

30ish bus rides
13 team dinners

w/ Hayley, Paige, Emelyn & Ashley

4 awesome captains
thousands of high-fives
millions of push-ups (ok, maybe not, but it felt like it)
countless hard workouts

40-50 shakeout runs
a shit ton of strides
a whole lot of foam rolling

10 long runs
thousands of spikes
too many Baskins

1 scavenger hunt
1 banquet
a little blood
buckets of sweat
a few tears
a boatload of laughter

and a whole lotta #RUNLOVE

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