Monday, January 25, 2016


As most of you know, a typical marathon training cycle is about four months long.  If you've been reading this blog lately, you also know that I'm gearing up to run the LA Marathon in February.  Thus, in regards to training, January has been my biggest month to tackle - aka my MONSTER MONTH.  And, because I have some pretty lofty goals for both this race and this year in general, this particular MONSTER MONTH has been significantly more intense than any of the other biggies from my past 12 rodeos.  Ferocious, really.  Very high mileage, lots of really hard workouts, and several days of double sessions.  Here's a look at last week's schedule so you get a sense of what I'm talking about:
MONDAY - 1/18

22 miles - long run
TUESDAY - 1/19
6 miles - recovery
AM Run - 8 miles
PM Run - 6 miles
AM RUN - Tempo, 10 miles total
2 miles warmup, 4 miles @ 6:55, 3 miles @6:35, 1 mile cool down
PM RUN - 6 miles recovery
FRIDAY - 1/22
AM Run - 8 miles
PM Run - 6 mile
6 miles - recovery
Most would look at this and think I'm completely nuts.  I often do the same.  There is no one making me do the work.  I just have this crazy desire to see how far I can take my running this year.  And my coach is completely behind me.  So, by choice, I'm lacing up 6 days a week and pushing myself farther than I ever thought I could go with the hope that something magical will happen in LA, and if not there, than perhaps later this year.  Regardless of the fact that this particular cycle is a beast and a half, all of my MONSTER MONTHS tend to chew me up and spit me out in time for the taper.  My husband, my friends, even my kids know when the MONSTER weeks have begun.  The only one who tends to benefit is my dog who gets more running in than she could ever imagine.  Everyone else either feels sorry for me, gets annoyed with me, or simply avoids me all together; all three of being totally understandable.  Over these past few weeks, I've given myself a good chuckle as I've thought about all the tell tale signs that I have officially entered my MONSTER MONTH.  Here's a few that I thought were worth sharing, if not to laugh with me, than certainly to laugh at me.  Go big or go home.  Grrrrrr.



1. You go to bed before your 3rd grader every night.
2. You've read the same 3 lines of your book for the past month.
3. You carry food with you everywhere you go - your bag, your car, your jacket pockets.
4. You have no idea what day it is, just whether you have a long run, workout or recovery run.
5. You only wear running shoes because you can't bear to put anything else on your feet.
6. It's virtually impossible to get out of the shower, especially after a long run.
7. Your caffeine intake has increased substantially.
8. You do laundry every other day.  But you rarely use the dryer. 
9. You pray to the weather Gods every single night.
10. You cry tears of joy on your rest day.

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