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Recently, I was asked to test out a few goodies from the Mamma Chia line.  Before they reached out to me I'd heard of the company but had yet to try any of the specific items from their line.  That said, I was somewhat in the know on chia seeds and the powerful punch offered in each little kernel --- rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, thiamine and niacin --- so I was more than willing to try out a product that likely tasted good and offered a nutritional boost.  Because I was headed out of town when the shipment was due to arrive, I passed the 'test and review' job over to my friend and running teammate, Kirsten, who was more than happy to give them a go.  Specifically, I was asked to try the Cherry Beet Chia Squeeze and the Chia & Greens beverages.  Below is some specific info about each product provided by MammaChia:

​Cherry Beet Chia Squeeze combines the sweetness of organic cherries with earthy beets.  Chia Squeeze offers delicious fruits and vegetables in a convenient, fun and tasty snack that provides 1200mg Omega-3s, four grams of fiber, and two grams of complete protein.

Mamma Chia Organic Chia & Greens offers the most nutrient-rich green beverages on the shelf.  With one of the lowest calorie counts from sugar in the category, each bottle delivers 2500mg of Omega-3s, seven grams of fiber, four grams of complete protein, 25% RDA of Vitamin A, and 95mg of calcium.

As a runner, I’m always looking for that special something to help me recover, to replenish my body after any given workout and to put that pep back in my step.  Oh and hopefully it’ll taste good.  So when Rebecca offered me the opportunity to test out two products from a Mamma Chia, I jumped on it.

I checked out the literature that came with the samples.  Cool story!  Mamma Chia was started by Janie Hoffman who had some health issues and found that adding chia seeds to her diet helped improve her overall health.  The website states Mamma Chia products “increase vitality, energy and strength”…??!!  Ummm, yes please.

I got the goods and since they came to me in a cooler, I immediately stashed them in the fridge. The next day I came back from a hot and hilly 8 mile run and grabbed the Kale and Mint Grateful Greens.  The first thing I noticed was how refreshing it was!  I will say that if you are particular about texture, this drink may take a little getting used to.  It is chock full of chia seeds and they end up with a filmy coating when saturated with liquid.  For me, this wasn't an issue as the delicious flavor of the drink far outweighed the impact of the texture.  It didn't hurt that I felt insanely good about pumping my body with all that nutrition post-run.  So, first test - two thumbs up.

The next afternoon, this time several hours after my run, I grabbed a Cherry Beet Chia Squeeze as a mid-afternoon snack.  YUM!!  Again, very refreshing and tasty.  And the cherry flavor was the perfect amount of sweet for me - not too much, but just enough.  The content is basically the same, but in a smaller portion size and a squeezable delivery.  Perfect if you need a quick snack on the go or something easy to fuel up with pre-run.  Second test - again - two thumbs up.

Would I buy these Mamma Chia products?  Absolutely.  Now that I've tried the drinks and squeezers, I'm eager to sample the bars and granola, too.  I think it's safe to assume that the rest of the Mamma Chia treats are as good as the ones I tested and knowing how good they are for me, I can't see any reason not to make them a regular part of my routine.

Top 3 Things I Really Like about Mama Chia
1. Get your power greens in a tasty format.
2. Great price point for a recovery drink (or an anytime drink!).
3. Mamma Chia gives back as a member of the organization “1% for the Planet”.

Want to try Mamma Chia for yourself?  Yea, you do.  The company has generously offered to send out a sample pack of Mamma Chia products to one lucky RWM reader.  To enter do any or all of the following things (credit for each separate entry):
~ Comment below.  Tell us...what's your favorite post-run recovery treat?  Or just tell us that you want to try Mamma Chia, though that's nowhere near as fun.
~ Post the following to Twitter: I want to fuel my run with run with @MammaChia and @runningwmusic!  #seedyoursoul
~ Shoot me an email with Mamma Chia in the subject line and then provide a good joke in the body of the email.  Kidding, no joke necessary.  Just a quick hello is fine.
Many thanks to crew over at Mamma Chia for providing this awesome treat.

*Note: contest is only open to US residents.  Retail value of sample package is around $50.  Winner will be picked via random.org on Sunday, July 24th at the end of the day and announced on Monday.  Good luck!

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