Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Well, we've made it to December which, to be honest, kind of blows my mind.  I have been so wrapped up in my kids' sports schedules, my LHS teams' fall XC season and my own marathon training that the days have literally just come and gone and now were here.  Boom.  The nice thing is that I actually have a little more time now to focus on the holidays and all the prep that goes along with it.  According to my kids, the Christmas season is by far the best.  Not just the day itself but the whole joyful (crazy) month!  Though little Grace will tell you that Halloween is a very close second.  Both of them have made their lists.  Not a shocker.  Rosie, age 12, only has two main things that she would like this year - cooking classes (love it) and a phone (not as thrilled about this one, but also not surprised).  Grace's list is, yet again, totally off the wall.  In fairness, she's only 9 and she still believes.  But, she's also a total nutball which we love because it always keeps us guessing (and laughing).  Here's just a few of the items that Grace would like this year:

~ A spy watch  A real one.  So... yeah.
~ Flannel sheets with giraffes on them  Passed this off to my mother-in-law.  She loves a good challenge.
~ Giraffe footed pajamas  Thank you Amazon Prime.
~ Giraffe earrings, preferably dangly  See above.
~ Gotcha gadget gag set  Think whoopie cushion, fake gum that snaps, handshake buzzer, etc)
~ Giant inflatable ball  Yes.  It's exactly what it sounds like.  But it's human size and she can get inside it and roll around the house.  Because that makes sense.)

Clearly we have a giraffe thing going this year.  We've also shifted from last year's magician theme to a spy/prank motif.  And the ball?  I have no idea where that came from.  Let's just say it's a very good thing I do have a little extra time at the moment.  On a separate but somewhat related note, I've taken some of that time to put together a list of goodies for the runner in your life or to add to your own wish list this year.  These products are from the many awesome companies that I've connected with since I started this blog; some new and some tried and true.  Whether they look like good picks or not, at the very least they will hopefully spark some ideas.  Though, in my humble opinion, they are all stellar and you are pretty much guaranteed to get "best gift giver" award if you go with any of them.  Just saying.  Regardless of what and when you celebrate, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season.  Merry everything.


Price: $108
*Currently on sale for 25% off at Oiselle.com

Being cold sucks, this jacket makes it better.  Think wearable blanket.  I have sported this gem every day since it arrived at my door back in November and I've no doubt I will continue to do so throughout the entire winter.  Fair warning, when you wear it people often reach out to feel and/or pet it.  It's pretty irresistible.  And worth every penny.

Price: $65

We all have our own shoe preferences, particularly when it comes to running, and I'm definitely not going to tell you what to wear.  However, if you're ready for a change or you're in the market for a new and different or dare I say, better, racing flat then look no further.  With its snug fit, mesh upper and seamless interior, the GOMEB SPEED 3 is my go-to race shoe for everything from the 5K to the half marathon.  It's light and airy with just enough support to go the distance.  Plus, the price is totally on point.  And, of course, Meb wears it, which just makes me feel faster when I have it on.  Maybe it will do the same for you.  They're worth adding to your list for that alone, right?

 *janjicorpsfriends for 15% off 

When you give someone a gift from Janji, you're giving in more ways than one.  Janji designs high performance running apparel that, when purchased, helps make a difference in the lives of others.  So, for example, if you buy your running bud this super cool hoodie, 10% of the sale will go toward toward supporting clean water projects in areas that need it the most.  It's a no brainer.  And hoodies rule.  (Note: Janji is offering RWM readers a 15% discount on this baby. See above)


I am a big believer in compression and you will often finding me sporting calf sleeves or socks before, during and/or after a race or hard workout.  Supposedly, they increase blood flow and help with muscle recovery.  More importantly, they keep me warm.  People often ask, "do they really work?"  To which I respond, "if they feel good and help you run better, does it matter?"  Grab these insanely cool calf sleeves from Zensah for the runner in your life or for anyone who happens to be active, really.  Compression is everyone's friend.

Price: $29
(note: use promo code RWMRB13 for 10% off all web store items incl. subscriptions)

The holiday edition RUNNERBOX is always on my list.  The folks at RUNNERBOX make your life easier by hand picking a unique mix of running related goodies and wrapping them up in this neat little package.  No guess work.  No way you can go wrong.  Done and done.

The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty
Run the World by Becky Wade
Racing the Rain by John L. Parker

Everyone loves a good book.  These three really moved me and, in my humble opinion, whether you are a runner or not, they are all worth a read.  The Memory of Running and Racing the Rain are novels; both beautiful stories.  Run the World tells pro-runner Becky Wade's story as she journeyed around the world to learn about running in other cultures; an incredible look into the meaning of running for ourselves and beyond.  There's always more time to cozy up with a book over the holidays and throughout the rest of the long, dark, cold winter.


Picky Bars - delicious little squares of nutritional awesomeness

NUUN - a healthy hydration solution in a tiny little tube

Momentum Jewelry - chic, wearable inspiration

Hank Orange Headbands - Run hard, tame the mane, look cute

FOMO Eyewear - Polarised, UV protected, durable, cool

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