Thursday, June 1, 2017


A conversation with my 10 year old last Thursday:
Grace: Mom, are you running this week?
Me: Nope.
Grace: For real?
Me: For real.  I need a break.
Grace: How long has it been?
Me: Haven't gone since Sunday and won't start back up until next week.  
Grace: Oh my gosh, Mom.  Is that, like, the longest you've ever gone without running?
Me: Nah.  I've gone longer.  
Grace: Are you dying?
Me: (laughing) No, Grace.  Not dying.  Not yet.  
Grace: Do you miss it?
Me: (still laughing) It's only been 6 days, Grace.  And I'm enjoying the time off.  But I appreciate your concern.
Grace: (thinking) So....what did you DO all week if you weren't running??

THIS KID!!  But, seriously, it's a fair question.  In a nutshell, beyond my typical every-day stuff, I did a whole lot of this....

Hiking in NH with the fam

and this....

Coaching @ EMASS Divisonals
post-race w/ the LHS 4 x 800 relay team

and this...

Watching & cheering @ Grace's Memorial Day soccer tournament

and, best of all, this....


....and at the end of the week, after some good, quality time with my family, my friends, my high school track team, my dog and my coffee maker....I sat down and had a reflective moment with myself.  Yes, I love to train and race and chase my goals.  But, I both appreciate and need the time off to reconnect with all the other elements of my life; with the people and things that make me happy and keep me fulfilled day in and day out.  I may not always be able to run.  But, I will always have the rest of it.  Lucky me.

Listen to this:
VACAY by Sunny & Gabe