Thursday, May 10, 2018


Tomorrow, sixteen of us will be headed to Hull, MA for the start of the Ragnar Cape Cod Reach the Beach Relay.  Our team, also known as Birdmachine Cape Cod, was one of the 6 Oiselle teams chosen to be a part of their Podium Projecta crazy, elaborate scheme that the company dreamed up this past year.  Our goal?  To win.  Or, at least, to make it to the podium.  But, hopefully, to win.  And we have some really fast women coming in from all over the country to make it happen.  I am both honored and ecstatic to be a member of this crew.  I'm guessing many of you know what the relay entails, but just in case you're not familiar with it, here's the low down.  All of us, 12 runners and 4 crew members, will be meeting out in Milton, MA where we will hop into our two rented vans and drive to the start of the race.  The race, which starts in Hull and ends in Provincetown, is about 200 miles total and has been divided up into twelve legs.  Each of the runners will take on one leg which consists of three runs total of varied distances and degrees of difficulty.  The whole thing will be run straight through from Friday to Saturday until we are done.  Sleep?  Maybe.  Sweat?  Lots.  Showers?  Nope.  Coffee?  Duh.  To most, it probably sounds like a total nightmare.  To us, it's the ultimate girls weekend and we are all chomping at the bit to get started.  Below, you'll meet the runners on our team and get to know a little bit about them before we take to the streets.  Feel free to follow along on Instagram where we'll posting with #BirdMachineCC.  I have no doubt that it's going to be a wild and crazy ride.  Stay tuned.


Name: Megan Foster
Age: 40
Favorite race distance: I love all distances, even the ones I hate! But really 26.2!!!!!
Favorite ice cream flavor: All of them!
Favorite movie: Running movie-Saint Ralph 
Favorite season: Summer
Go-to coffee order: Early Grey Tea
Favorite dance move: The Lawnmower
Current favorite running song: All the Way Up by Fat Joe Remy Ma
Today I feel like....(fill in the blank): I’m on autopilot…(super busy this month!!!)

Name: Nicole Freeman (aka Freebird) 
Age: 29
Favorite race distance: Mile or sprint triathlons
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mango sorbet
Favorite Movie: Oh this is hard. I don’t have a favorite movie— more like a top ten. But I'd say, Joy (David O Russell) 
Favorite season: Summer or fall 
Go-to coffee order: Black hot coffee. French press preferred. 
Favorite dance move: Sitting back down— no one needs to see that
Current fav running song: (a throwback to high school) I slept with someone from fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song about me by Fall Out Boy  
Today I feel like...(fill in the blank): I’m super jazzed about everything. I’m going to get a massage and watch Gilmore girls. I start a new job on Monday and I took this whole week off. After months of misery I’m really going in on #treatyoself 

Name: Colleen Moorman
Age: 32
Favorite race distance: Half marathon or marathon
Favorite ice cream: Ooh, tough question because this changes constantly.  Anything with chocolate is a good bet.  Maybe Ben & Jerry’s “The Tonight Dough” or just Cookie Dough in general.
Favorite movie: Depends on my mood, but “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Love Actually” never get old.
Favorite season: Spring and Fall - I love the crisp cool mornings, perfect for a run.
Go-to coffee order: Latte when it’s cold; Iced/cold brew/nitro coffee or iced latte when it’s hot.  And iced mocha as a special treat.
Favorite dance move: Hmm, I love dancing salsa and merengue, so anything with lots of spins.
Current favorite running song: Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): a bad ass, pumped and excited for this race.  But I can always go for more sleep!

Name: Ania Kozlowska
Age: 33
Favorite race distance: 10K
Favorite ice cream: Sweet cream
Favorite movie: Alien
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Oat milk latte
Favorite dance move: The Carlton
Current favorite running song: Get By by Talib Kweli
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): I need a few more hours in the day. ALSO SO EXCITED FOR BIRDMACHINE!!

Name: Faye Hellman
Age: 34
Favorite race distance: Mile/5K
Favorite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip
Favorite movie: Just one?  Something Mel Brooks to feed my love for his comedic style such as Blazing Saddles, History of the World Part I, or Spaceballs.
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Wawa. 100% Colombian
Favorite dance move: I do a move with my shoulders that looks cool in my head but not in the eyes of anyone who witnesses said move.
Current favorite running song: Anything that makes me what to dance.  Currently Body by Loud Luxury
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): Hopeful that the running gods will help me overcome a weird injury I've had this past week so I can race this weekend!

Name: Cait Campbell
Age: 29
Favorite race distance: 5k
Favorite ice cream: Cappuccino Crunch (with chocolate sprinkles!)
Favorite movie: Return of the Jedi
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Venti iced coffee, unsweetened, with a splash of soy milk
Favorite dance move: dramatically dabbing while jumping up and down
Current favorite running song: Green Light by Lorde
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): I need to pack for Ragnar!!

Name: Rebecca Stanfield McCown
Age: 36
Favorite race distance: 13.1
Favorite ice cream: Coffee with sprinkles
Favorite movie: Does Gilmore Girls count? I don’t think I have a favorite
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Black (but if I'm feeling feisty an almond milk latte)
Favorite dance move: Anything that can be done in a soul train dance line
Current favorite running song:  I don’t run with music but this pops into my head on a regular basis- Love Runs Out by One Republic
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): I’m being held together by spit and duck tape. Need coffee.

Name: Alison Heslin
Age: 30
Favorite race distance: Half-marathon, ultra marathon, or anything on trails
Favorite ice cream: Vegan mint chocolate chip
Favorite movie: I'm a sucker for Jane Austen films (the 6-hour mini-series versions)
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Black coffee, lots of it
Favorite dance move: Not a big dancer
Current favorite running song:  I don't ever run with music. *gasp*
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): I'm ready to be done with work and running to Cape Cod! 

Name: Cate Barrett
Age: 28
Favorite race distance: I just started marathoning this year and I’m hooked. Eek!
Favorite ice cream: Strawberry or cookie dough
Favorite movie: Fantastic Mr Fox
Favorite season: For running, winter. For life, summer.
Go-to coffee order: 12 oz drip in my yeti highball 
Favorite dance move: Favorite and only* move is the running man
Current favorite running song:  Here Come the Runts by AWOLNATION
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): I took a nap after my morning run, so definitely “need more sleep!”

Name: Rebecca Trachsel (aka Trax)
Age: 43 (the grandma of the team)
Favorite race distance: Marathon & half marathon
Favorite ice cream: Blueberry oat crumble 
Favorite movie: Rushmore
Favorite season: Summer
Go-to coffee order: Latte (hot or iced depending on the weather)
Favorite dance move: White Man's overbite
Current favorite running song:  Runnin by David Dallas
Today I feel like... (fill in the blank): Anything is possible.

Name: Kathleen Michaud
Age: 34
Favorite race distance: Half Marathon
Favorite ice cream flavor: Cake Batter
Favorite movie: Neighbors
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Cold brew is my current go to! 
Favorite dance move: Twerk?
Current favorite running song: Havana by Camila Cabello
oday I feel like...(fill in the blank): Pumped up!

Name: Jess Barnard
Age: 27
Favorite race distance: 800m
Favorite ice cream flavor: Vegan rocky road
Favorite movie: Love Actually (obviously)
Favorite season: Track season. Oh, and fall
Go-to coffee order: Black (I don't mess around)
Favorite dance move: Anything to embarrass whoever I am with... but my go-to is the moonwalk. *smooth af*
Current favorite running song: That's It (I'm Crazy) by Sofi Tucker
oday I feel like...(fill in the blank):  I REALLY NEED TO START PACKING FOR CAPE COD! 

Name: Ashley Reasey
Age: 30 (this weekend!)
Favorite race distance: 5k pain train
Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla with rainbow jimmies
Favorite movie: Angels in the Outfield
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Black coffee
Favorite dance move: A-B skip
Current favorite running song: Anthem by Superchick
Today I feel like...(fill in the blank): Ready to cheer on some amazing women!

Name: Christine Horby
Age: 41
Favorite race distance: Half marathon
Favorite ice cream flavor: Mocha chip
Favorite movie: Don't have a favorite movie
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: Vanilla latte
Favorite dance move: no answer
Current favorite running song: Say Something by Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton
Today I feel like...(fill in the blank): I need more sleep

Name: Joan Baker
Age: 35
Favorite race distance: 10k
Favorite ice cream flavor: My first job was scooping ice cream, so I hold a special place in my heart for Graeter's Chocolate Chip
Favorite movie:  The last movie I loved was Columbus
Favorite season: Fall
Go-to coffee order: I feel like a heathen for admitting this in your presence, but I don't drink coffee. I can't handle that much caffeine, so I usually have green tea or kombucha
Favorite dance move: Very uncoordinated moonwalk
Current favorite running song: River by PANGEA
Today I feel like...(fill in the blank): I'm ready to get this relay started!!


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