Tuesday, January 21, 2020


“It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. 
The question is: What are we busy about?”
~ Henry David Thoreau

So, clearly, I haven't posted yet this year.  It's not because I haven't wanted to.  I have.  I've actually written up a few different pieces.  I just haven't been able to get them done.  I mean, like, done, done.  I wish I had some really exciting story to share with you on why I haven't been able to put the pieces together and get them published.  I don't.  Life just seems to be a bit crazier than usual lately.  And a lot more unpredictable than in years past.  And the every day things that typically keep me from focusing on RWM for a minute here and there are being thrown at me in full force.  Thus, I just can't seem to get ahead of them.  Which means my windows of time for writing and thinking and editing and re-writing and then sharing seem to be few and far between.  But, that said, I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel and say I'm done with this blog.  Posting here has always been very therapeutic for me.  Whether it's about running or music or my kids or something totally random, more often than not, I end up connecting with a handful of readers who've shared a similar thought or experience and that always helps me process and move on.  Hopefully it helps them, too.  For obvious reasons, my running agenda tends to be the common thread here.  It's the subject that always brings me back; that gives me a reason to open up a discussion, if you will.  Right now, my running situation is pretty lame in that I'm battling plantar fasciitis that does not want to go away despite all my efforts to fight it and because I'm not in very good shape after having taken a couple forced but lovely weeks off over the holidays.  I'm currently training for Boston so I am nervous about both of these situations.  But they are a work in progress.  And I don't have much more to tell you about it.  Yet.  And, then again, between that and the rest of my non-running day to day grind which is all over the place, I haven't been able to churn out the posts as I usually do. Yesterday, I slogged through a two hour run and, in addition to thinking through the reasons why I haven't posted yet this year (see below) I decided that I really wanted to get something published before people started to give up on this blog, myself included.  Which brings me here.  I forced myself to sit and get this one down today because I want to reconnect and because I know that when I get the ball rolling here it will help me motivate to get it rolling elsewhere in my life.  Or, at least, that's what I'm hoping.  So, please don't give up on RWM just yet.  I'm hoping this will be my first of many.  Roll on!



~ Because I'm trying really hard to focus on post-run self-care at the moment.  Meaning, not finishing a workout, walking in the door, grabbing my keys and leaving to do errands or siting down to write a blog.  Between my foot, which needs extra TLC right now and my body in general, which isn't quite where I want it to be in terms of strength and flexibility, I'm devoting about 10 minutes to stretching, rolling and core before I move to my next 'to-do'.

~ Because since adding a second dog to our household, my choice so no complaining here, my next 'to-do' is almost always getting the dogs out for a walk.  Both are very energetic and get bored easily.  By the time I've dropped the kids, run and stretched, etc. they are usually giving me the stare down which means, time to focus on us or we will be really annoying until you deal.  If I even attempt to sit and write when they are in this state?  Forget it.  Let the barking begin.

~ Because between the foot and the fact that I'm out of shape the races I had planned to run in January are not happening.  Which means I have no good pre, post or race day stories to share with you.  And writing about the long run or repeat 400s is just about as exciting as watching paint dry.

~ Because my girls, age 12 and 15 are ridiculously busy after school and I am their driver.

~ Because this is my older daughter's first year competing on her high school gymnastics team.  It's a winter sport.  And there are a lot of meets.  And I'm trying to got to all of them.  Because I love watching her do what she loves.

~ Because in those short blocks of time where I might be able to sit down and bang out a post I'm finding that I would rather have coffee or lunch with a friend.  My life is nuts right now.  It's much harder to connect with people in person.  So, I'm making the effort to do it whenever I have time.  It doesn't happen a lot but I really value it when I can make it happen.

~ Because if I do have a window of time and I'm not running, stretching, driving my kids around, watching my kids do their thing, or meeting up with friends, I'm probably ready to go to bed.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

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