Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"I'm Definitely Not 20 Anymore"

...said Shannon as we came out of our yoga class today.  My sentiments exactly.  I have finally realized that, although I can successfully pull off a 5K at age 36, the recovery takes quite a bit longer than it used to.  I have run several different races of various distances over the past few months.  Unlike in college, when I could compete in a race, get 5 hours of sleep that night and happily run 15 miles the next day, it now takes a solid 3-4 days for my muscles to bounce back and my fatigue to die off.  All I have to say is this; at least I'm still out there with the young and spritely and enjoying it while I can.  And to those who are feeling their age lately, so what if it takes longer to recover?  We still get bragging rites!

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