Friday, September 8, 2023


"Get faster. Get stronger. Get inspired. In under 6 minutes."

I have been a long time fan and follower of the Six Minute Mile Newsletter. Created back in late 2019, this newsletter caught on fast and instantly picked up steam during Covid as the guys behind it had lots of time on their hands and even more to write about and those of us who were stuck at home were eager and willing to take advantage of all that it had to offer.  Chock full of running, cycling and fitness related info that includes everything from shoe reviews to nutrition info to PT suggestions to inspirational stories that you might never have heard otherwise, Six Minute Mile truly has something for everyone.  The emails come twice a week and readers can either do a quick browse of all the hot topics which typically takes about, you guessed it, six minutes, or do a deep dive into the subject matter as links to more details are always provided.  

Personally, it is now something that I legitimately look forward to getting in my inbox and gives me a good reason to check my email which, as a high school track coach, I'm quickly learning most people under the age of 21 no longer do.  So, why am I telling you all this?  Well, first because if you don't already, you should take a second to subscribe.  I'm guessing if you are an RWM reader you likely share my interest in fitness-related news.  It's really a no-brainer.  But also, and I'm really excited about this, because as of this week, RWM will have a music-related spot in the newsletter each week.  I have curated a list of unique gems that I feel others, like yourself, should know about.  And mind you, I do not discriminate.  I'm throwing out songs from all genres - fast, slow, pop, techno, funk - all of it.  Maybe you want to run to it, do some yoga to it or cut a rug to it or perhaps you just dig it and want to learn more about the artist.  All good things.  I plan to compile the songs into a playlist made specifically for RWM & Six Minute Mile readers so you can find them all in one place each week.  Big thanks to the Six Minute Mile crew for letting me jump on board their platform with some music related news.  Hope you find some new and different tunes that you're both fired up about and eager to share with others.  Six minutes.  And a song.  Let's do this.

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