Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday - You Pick

I love it when I get words of wisdom from my 6 year old.  On our way to school we hear this song that she claims is amazing and states, "you could definitely run to this one."  I listened for a bit and then replied, "I don't know, it starts off kind of slow, I'm not sure it would get me going."  To which she replied, "It might not work for you, mom, but it could work for someone else."  Who am I to judge what works for one person but not for another.  That one particular song with a slow groove but a great beat might slow me down, but might push someone else to do another mile.  So, from now on, Friday's song will come from the readers.  Please send in your favorites and, if you're up for it, let me share them with everyone else.  Thanks, Rosie!

Listen to this:
Rosie - The Kooks    Rosie - Junk of the Heart

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