Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Gem

It's late November and I'm with my family on an island in MA.  Typical weather for this time of year here is cold, windy and bitter.  I step outside this morning to go get a cup of coffee and the sun is beaming down on my face.  The temperature gauge in my car says 50 degrees.  What?  I walk toward the coffee shop and see a guy sitting outside on a bench with his dog wearing a huge grin.  "Flip flops?" I ask, because this might be pushing it a little.  He laughs, "on a day like today, I have no choice.  This might be my last chance."  I wasn't planning on running today but how can I possibly resist?  It's just too good to be true.  By the time I hit the road it's at least 10 degrees warmer and I'm sporting shorts and a t-shirt.  I am giddy.  I gotta believe no matter what kind of runner you happen to be, or even if you're not one, on a day like today, if you choose to go out, you're going to rock it.  A day like this is so rare and such a treat.  Or, as my brother-in-law said today, "it is a gem".  Enjoy!

Listen to this:
Sleigh Bells - Treats (the album)  Treats - Sleigh Bells
(Note: since I missed Reader's Pick yesterday, I'm posting an entire album by a band that a friend of mine recently told me he loves.  There's not a song on this one that isn't perfect for running.  Thanks Craig.)

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