Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Unexpected

It happens often.  I wake up planning to go for a run.  But maybe this particular day, I'm battling a cold, or perhaps I overindulged the night before, or even more likely, I'm just totally exhausted from whatever I have been juggling over the past few days.  Whatever the case, mentally motivating, not only to get out there, but even to say, I'm going to get out there, can be extremely challenging.  It feels as though my running shoes are sitting there staring at me and so I'm trying to avoid them each time I walk by.  As odd as it sounds, these runs often turn out to be the best ones.  For me, nine times out of ten, when I head out the door expecting the worst, my head and legs decide that the release of energy and endorphins from this run are exactly what I need.  As I start off, I'm willing to accept the fact that I'll be trudging along at a snail's pace and then something happens.  I suddenly feel light on my feet and capable of so much more than I had planned.  And for this particular run, all of the sudden, I feel really good which is totally unexpected.  You just never know.  I love that.

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Cracks (featuring Belle Humble) [Flux Pavilion Remix] - Freestylers  Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) [Flux Pavilion Remix] - Cracks - EP

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  1. Oh how I know those days. I say to myself it doesn't matter how slow i go, just that i go. I find I have to run first thing in the morning or it just doesn't happen. I had a lovely brisk run this morning which turned out much better then expected. I woke up extremely tired and couldn't fathom do a 7 mile run...but I did and it felt pretty damn good and now I know I will be that much happier today!