Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Basic Need

My four year old has woken up at least a dozen mornings since Thanksgiving and asked me why Santa didn't come.  I have tried several times to explain to her that even though the tree and lights are up, we have to wait until the end of the month for Santa's visit.  To help with this, we have not one, but two advent calendars where we're either flipping the windows open or put ornaments on a felt tree for twenty five days.  Unfortunately for her, day after day she's still not understanding why Christmas is not happening 'tomorrow'.  At this point, time for her is simply pre-Santa and post-Santa with our visit to nana and papa this week getting an honorable mention.  Yesterday, she let me know that she had added something to her list.  "Really", I asked?  "And what was that exactly?"  She told me it involved Dora but that Santa would know the rest.  I'm still working on this one.  Have I mentioned how much I need running lately?

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Gold on the Ceiling - The Black Keys  Gold On the Ceiling - El Camino

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