Monday, December 19, 2011

Morning cont.

I recently mentioned that, rather than complain about having to run early in the morning throughout the winter, I'm going to try to embrace all that it has to offer.  It's nice to get a run in before most people wake up because it gives me that extra time to tackle the rest of my day.  It's also a treat to get to have a big breakfast and several cups of coffee knowing that I don't have to worry about running afterward.  I have to remind myself that these small bonuses do make it worth getting up early to run as they help me get past the fact that I don't have really have a choice.  So, a little before 6:00 on Saturday morning I headed out the door with my dog, Lucy, who was wide awake and thrilled that she was going with me.  I decided not to take my iPod since it was still dark and I felt I should try to be alert.  For someone who is driven by music on the road, it was not easy for me to leave it behind.  At first, it felt oddly quiet but I soon became aware of Lucy's breathing which was steady and in time with mine.  Then, gradually I became aware of the simple sounds of early morning.  It was me, Lucy, a snow plow, and all the various nocturnal animals who had not yet turned in.  It was oddly thrilling. There was a groove out there that morning; it was different, but it was my own.  Do I dare say I'm looking forward to next Saturday?

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A Million Years - Alexander  A Million Years - Alexander
From Now On - The Features

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