Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beyond the Run

In the past couple weeks I've had conversations with two different people who have started running with their kids.  One of the women I spoke with had never been a runner and was slightly intimidated by it.  She has three children and thought she might feel more comfortable, and "less embarrassed", if she started going out with them.  Fortunately, they were more than happy to do it with her.  She finished a 2 mile loop and was thrilled that she'd managed to run the whole time.  Her kids loved it and couldn't wait to do it again so now she has to stick with it.  My other friend started running with her 10 year old daughter because she had expressed interest in the sport.  She thought it might motivate her daughter and help her to enjoy it more if she ran along with her for the first few runs.  Now her daughter goes out on her own on a weekly basis and is loving it.  I, myself, had just started running with my 7 year old before the winter hit.  She always beamed throughout the entire run and when it was over she was thrilled with what she had accomplished.  I am so looking forward to doing it more often this spring and I know she is to.  Unless your kid is a speed demon at an early age, you aren't going to be able to run fast or even sort of fast when you hit the road with your budding runner.  And that's not the point if these runs.  As stated by David Willey, Editor-in-Chief of Runner's World Magazine, "the joys of running aren't always about the run."  This could not be more true.  Between spending time with your child, exposing them to healthy habits, and sharing with them something you love (or want to love) so that maybe one day they will, too, the experience goes way beyond the run itself.

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