Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Moment

Once in a while you hear a song that makes you put down what you're doing and listen closely.  It makes you stop your conversation and say, "excuse me for one sec".  It makes you stop mid-run and turn up the volume.  It makes you....kidding.  But in all seriousness, today I was listening to Metric's new album, Synthetica, and I had one of these moments.  I would never in a million years think that Lou Reed would partner up with a band like this and when I heard this song it made perfect sense.  On this track, called The Wanderlust, Emily Haines' sweet, high-pitched voice, meshes bizarrely well with Reed's deep, scratchy drawl. Together they are so insanely different and yet, the song fits together just so.  I happened to hear it for the fist time in my car.  So, I played it again.  And then I added it to my playlist and ran with it.  And then I played it for my husband during dinner.  Am I a dork for getting excited about these simple things.  Yep.  I'm totally fine with that.  Go listen.  See what you think.  And if this particular song doesn't do it for you, well, there are lots of other moments like these; short sweet and awesome.

Listen to this:
The Wanderlust - Metric  The Wanderlust - Synthetica

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