Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Run, Dance, Move

Last night around 7:00 I was up in my office and my seven year old came in and started jumping up and down on the couch.  I stopped working and watched as her movement steadily increased.  We are usually settling down in our house at this hour and yet, within minutes she was bouncing around the room like a pinball showing no signs of settling.  In so many words I asked her what the he** was going on.  She shrugged her shoulders and looked at me like I should know the answer because she had no idea.  And then I had an "ah-ha" moment.  It has been raining since last Friday and she's been either at school or inside without any real exercise for eons (in kid years).  I, myself, am like a caged animal if I've gone too many days without a run, so I knew exactly how she felt.  Personally, I also tend to get in a bad mood when I don't get out on the road.  Fortunately for me, the lack of movement just makes my daughter giddy and wound up like a spring which I'll take any day over cranky.  If I could have gotten her outside for a run or a game of soccer, I would have, but it was night and raining and she was already in her pjs so that wasn't an option.  It was clear that she would not be going to bed any time soon and we needed to do something physical so, naturally, we decided to dance.  We put on some MIKA (her choice) and we rocked out.  Three songs later I could see some signs of exhaustion and I took the opportunity to switch gears and calm her down.  Success.  This morning when I walked into school one of my friends told me her son was climbing up the walls last night; she couldn't figure out why and it was driving her NUTS.  Rosie and I looked at each other and smiled.  We all need to "rock out" in some way shape or form.  Run, dance, move.  Whatever it takes.  Rock on.

Listen to these:
Shake Our Tree - The Rosebuds  Shake Our Tree - Birds Make Good Neighbors (my choice)
Lollipop - MIKA  Lollipop - Life In Cartoon Motion  (Rosie's choice)

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