Friday, August 17, 2012

Nature's Symphony

Today my running partner and I tackled the rolling hills of Perkins Pond in NH for one last time.  There was very little conversation between us; which is rare.  Soon after we started we realized that we would have to settle in, save our energy and focus on each climb.  And there were several of them.  Once in while one of us would throw in a "holy crap" or something slightly more inappropriate.  But that was it.  As we ran, I couldn't help but think of Julie Andrews who dances around in The Sound of Music and tells us how 'the hills are alive'.  The hills were indeed alive today....but they were alive with the sounds of heavy breathing, shuffling feet and the high-pitched humming of the crickets in the background.  They were filled with the sounds of our frustration, a few groans and some laughter as we reached the top and looked back at what we'd just tackled.  They were filled with the sound of music, no doubt, but it wasn't coming from an iPod as it usually does.  As my teammate said when we got home, it was sort like "nature's symphony" - different, peaceful and a nice change for both of us.  Am I going to ditch the music? Never.  But, if it's not available I'll take what I can get and make the most of it.  A beat is a beat.

Listen to this:
Oh Love - Green Day   Oh Love - Oh Love - Single

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  1. Amen! Those hills are killer! I have a new respect for any NH runners - you guys are badass!