Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Month, New Music (& NUUN Winner)

I'm just going to go ahead and date myself here but remember when Gwen Stefani came on stage with pink hair begging whoever she was singing to not to speak because she knew what they were saying?  It was 1995 and I was a junior in college.   No Doubt wasn't just a band, they were a part of a rock movement.  Punk, ska, pop - whatever you want to call it - a lot of us were digging it.  The band continued to evolve, in some ways good and in other ways, well, different.  Let's just say some of their fans might have sought out something new as the years passed.  And then Stefani went solo, became a wife, a mother and a fashion designer.  Nothing wrong with that.  Fast forward seventeen years and suddenly I'm hearing No Doubt again on XM Radio.  What?  That unique 'thing' this band had going back when it all started is still there simmering under the surface while slightly a bit more, dare I say, mature?  Is it ironic that the song is called 'Settle Down'?  You make the call on that.  A huge smile spread across my face when I heard this fresh new ditty.  Not just because it's a catchy tune, but because it's bookending my life between a time when I was young, free and clueless to today when I am older, smarter and slightly more clued in.  And, to some degree, that's what music is all about.  It's about the story, the experiences, and the history that we dwell on when we hear certain bands, old and new and, in this case, both.

Listen to this:
Settle Down - No Doubt   Settle Down - Settle Down - Single


Nuun Contest Winner:
Congratulations to 'YouMightDieTryin' who picked up a tube of Kona Kola NUUN.  The question was, beyond all the standard reasons, why else do you run?  Her answer: "so I can eat oreos by the ROW and not feel guilty about it."  Amen to that!  
*please email your address to to receive your prize.

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