Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let it RESON8TE (& Enter to Win a Shirt)

Those of us who ran the Reach the Beach Relay were not allowed to have anything sitting inside or covering our ears throughout the entire race.  Translation:NO HEADPHONES.  There were 12 people on each team, running 200 miles in 24 hours.  We were being dropped off and picked up by our vans at 24 different transition areas, sleeping outside in tents, sharing the highways with cars, and running during the middle of the night.  Take that scenario and multiply it by over 200 and you've got a lot of logistics to deal with.  So despite the fact that I wasn't thrilled about it, I understood the need for this rule.  All of us wanted to listen to music either before, during or after we ran our individual legs, so we tried to get creative.  One of my teammates bought a camouflaged bandana at a general store and wrapped the cord around it leaving the buds sitting by his ears - not ideal.  I coiled them around my headlamp strap, getting them pretty close to my ears, but in the end, not hearing much.  I ended up getting annoyed and just put them in my pocket.  Some people just cheated, keeping one in and leaving one out or just breaking down and using both.  I'm not saying that was ok, but I understood why people did it.  What to do?  Enter RESON8TE, a startup company this has created hats and visors with speakers in the brim.  Brilliant!  We no longer have to worry about whether or not headphones are banned at an event.  We can head out at 5:00am (or you can, at least) and listen to tunes while not stressing about the cars coming up behind us.   We can run and listen to music safely.  By having speakers in the brim, we can rock out, zone out, or focus on our race and stay in tune with our surroundings.  Problem solved.  Though they aren't available yet, you can pre-order the lid of your choice at a discount today and join the campaign to help fund this innovative product.  Run, don't walk, to and check it all out.  Then help them spread the word.  Personally, I REALLY want one of these and I'm betting that you do, too.

ENTER NOW for a chance to win one of these t-shirts from RESON8TE:

1. COMMENT below on how you would use your RESON8TE hat; running with your little one in a stroller, working in the yard, climbing Mt. get the gist.

2. "Like" this post on the RWM Facebook page. Then "Share" it with your friends, family, etc.

3.  Tweet @runningwmusic is giving away RESON8TE t-shirts here:

4. Or just go to, order your lid and help get these out to the world! (make sure to let them know you came from RWM in the comment box when you place your order).

Two winners will be chosen at random on October 31st. Remember, to visit their campaign and help get this badass product to everyone so we can all rock out to music, hear everything around us and be safer on the trails and roads.

Listen to this: (how cool it would be to hear it with your new RESON8TE hat)
Sunday Afternoon - The Black Angels  Sunday Afternoon - Phosphene Dream (Deluxe Edition)

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  1. Very cool! I do always worry about early am or late evening running and headphones. Cool stuff as it sort of solves that problem!