Monday, November 26, 2012

Game On

I love holidays, but bouncing back from a break is always a little tough; particularly for the wee ones.  Case in point, this morning when I woke up my five year old, she immediately started crying - I know, big shocker.  She claimed that over Thanksgiving I had told her she no longer had to go to school - ever.  I'm not sure how she dreamed up this one, but I am sure I didn't tell her that.  I'm not gonna lie, after having a few relaxing days without a set plan to follow it was kind of tough to get myself back in the game, too.  Today I specifically thought of Operation.  Remember this one?  The players act as a doctor who needs a steady hand and a lot of patience to remove all the various items from the body of the sick (and goofy) man on the table.  I had very little of either of those things this morning.  My girls, on the other hand, kept reminding me of the loud buzzer in the game that makes the players jump and cringe each time they do something wrong.  Super fun.  On our way to school, I realized I wasn't the least bit motivated for the two hour run that I had on my schedule for the day.  As we cruised along, I was thinking of possible ways to increase my enthusiasm for said run such as new music or a new route; admittedly zoning out.  I finally snapped to when I heard my seven year old say, "MOM, DID YOU PACK ME PLEASE TURN ON THE MUSIC FOR LUNCH?"  I started to respond in typical mom fashion with something like, "excuse me, Rosie, there's no need to use that tone...."  But, she stopped me mid-sentence and explained that she had asked me to turn on the radio "like 10 times" and since I hadn't heard her she threw in the 'lunch' part to get my attention.  Fair enough.  And, pretty clever.  Rosie - one.  Mom - zero.  Game on.

Listen to this:
Hide and Seek - Blondfire Hide and Seek - Where the Kids Are - EP

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