Friday, February 21, 2014

The Long Run (& yurbuds winner)

“Do what you gotta do so you can do what you wanna do.” 
~ Denzel Washington

 The Details
Date: Tuesday, 2/18
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Franconia, NH
Weather: 2℉ & Snowing
Wind Chill: 20-30 mph swells
Temp w/ windchill: Does it matter?
Workout: Long run (12 miles)

List of Essentials
Hat: ✔︎
Gloves: ✔︎
Aquafor (smeared all over my ankles and face): ✔︎
Neck warmer: ✔︎
Ski goggles (yes, I wore them): ✔︎
iPod: ✔︎
Garmin (I was not going a step over 12 miles): ✔︎
Sanity: Nope.  Left that at the door on my way out

Listen to this: 
Feel It* - Ferry Corsten  

*Damn straight, I felt it, Ferry!


Congrats to Ellen McKenna who won the Ltd Edition Inspire Earphones by yurbuds.  Thanks to everyone for entering and to yurbuds for the awesome prize.  Rock and run on.  #neverstop


  1. bloody hell I'd be wearing ski goggles too if it got that cold here.
    you are one dedicated runner.

    1. Me, and all the other nut jobs out there who run in the winter and refuse to go inside or don't have the option. :)