Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Taper, Race, Relax, & Spring (maybe)

April 1st.  Spring is in the air.  Kind of.  I like winter.  I do.  But it's a really long season.  And after this one, in particular, I am so freaking ready for spring.  I'm not talking about those glorious, 60 degree days, filled with an abundance of sunshine that we often get in Spring.  Those are nice.  But, I'll be happy with a few (consistent) days in the 40s, sun or no sun.  Funny thing, perspective.  Beyond the weather, April is a big month for me.  Huge, actually.  As most of you know, I'll be running the Boston marathon on April 21st.   My husband has to work and my girls will be with their grandparents.  It will be a completely solo mission, and I plan to just soak up the greatness of the day on my own.  Well, not really on my own.  As I did in March, I'll get to catch up with my many of my Oiselle teammates again and will be trying (this time, with a car) to track down some of the Loopsters throughout the week-end.  (dinner, anyone??)  Then, once the dust settles from Boston, I will be flying down to Jacksonville to meet up with my girls and visit with my parents for a relaxing weekend in the hot Florida sun.  Yes!!!!!!!!!

April 'To-Do' List:
1. Taper. (I am stupidly excited about this one)
2. Put away the hats, mittens & scarves. (I'm doing it...even if we still need them)
3. Prepare my high school distance squad, mentally & physically, for their first outdoor meet.  GO LEX!
4. Ship my own girls, on their first ever flight without mom and dad, down to FL to visit my parents.  Whoa.
5. Dive, literally, into the Boston Marathon.  The whole week-end.
  • the race being over
  • the awesomeness of Boston
  • the fact that I have 3 full days sans kids to chill with my husband
  • that it's not snowing (please, Mother Nature. PLEASE.)
  • that I don't have to eat bagels, bananas or GUs for a good 2 months
7. Not run.
8. Go to the beach and relax with my family.
9. Watch Rosie & Grace play soccer on the week-ends.
10. Sit back, relax (even more), and listen to some good music.

Happy April, everyone.  Pray for spring.


Water Fountain - Tune-yards  

Sweet Disarray - Dan Croll  


  1. YES! I can't wait to track you on race day -- I'm so so so excited for you :)

  2. Thanks, Courtney!!! Send me all your energy. Will need it. xoxo

  3. You want spring I want autumn. So over this warm weather.
    Your April to-do list is fab, and I'm sure you'll cross all of it off.
    Totally loving the Tuneyards song. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I LOVE it, too. Can't wait for their new album. She's a gem.