Friday, January 23, 2015


Inhale, exhale, level with the angels
Rolling with my head high, further from the pavement
On another level, on another level
~ Far East Movement, 'Level'


This morning I got up at 6:30am, threw on multiple layers and made myself a very large cup of coffee.  I wrote a note to my kids letting them know that I was out walking the dogs and asking them to please get ready for school.  No, this never really works.  But, I like to try anyway.  My husband is away, so I knew there would be many balls in the air and a lot of rushing around.  At least it's Friday, I thought to myself as I headed out in the dark.  When I got back in, the girls were changed and had started their morning routine.  High fives all around.  It was 7:15 and we had 45 minutes until we had to leave.  Is it possible, I thought, that we could get it all done and get to school on time today?  Maybe?  Here's how the rest of the morning rolled out:

Rosie: Mom, can I watch a show?
Me: No, Rose.  We're not watching tv before school.
Rosie: But we have 45 minutes. (we never have this much time, hence the request)
Me: Then read a book.  Wait, have you brushed your teeth yet?  Are you packed and ready to go?
Rosie: Ugh. No. (eye roll)
Grace: Mom, today's Edie's birthday and I need to give her a present.
Me: Okay, Grace.  I'll go grab something.  You get ready.
Grace: And I need a card for it.
Me: Yes, I know.  Wait, have YOU brushed your teeth yet? And you need socks.
Grace: No.  But, I haven't eaten breakfast.
Me:  Breakfast first. Then teeth.  Then socks.  Then backpack.  Then we'll get the card.
Grace: Okay, fine. (another an eye roll)
Me: Girls, I'm going up to put my contacts in and then we've got to get moving. 
Classic blunder.  When I got back downstairs, Grace was wrapping her present and Rosie was stuffing a canvas bag full of dress up clothes, including 2 superhero capes and a pair of disco-style bell bottoms.
Me: Girls?  What is going on?!?!  I asked you to pack up and get ready to go.
Rosie: It's Freaky Friday.  Kate and I dress up every Friday.
Me: What???  You can't bring that to school, Rosie.
Rosie: It's fine, mom.  We do it every week.
Grace: Mom, where are the scissors?
Me: I don't know, Grace.  But, you have to let me finish that.  We have got to get out of here.
Grace: But, I haven't finished the card.
Deep breaths.  In and out.  In and out.
Me: Rosie, please go put your shoes on and head out to the car.  Grace, pack up your bag and then I'll help you with the card.
Rosie headed outside.  Grace disappeared.  I started shoving folders and lunches into backpacks and tried to gulp down a second cup of coffee.  2-3 minutes go by.
Me: GRACE!!!!! Where are you????
She shuffled back into the kitchen with her LeapPad, several other miscellaneous toys and her blanket.  I threw my hands up in total exasperation.
Grace: They're for NH, mom.  I want to take them up with us this week-end.
O.M.G.  Don't lose it, Rebecca.  We're so close.
Me: Okay, fine.  Let's go.  Grab your stuff.
I headed out the door and got in the car with Rosie.  2 minutes go by.  I looked up and saw Grace at the front door waving her hands at me.
Grace: MOM.  I can't find my jacket.
Dear Lord.  I got out of the car and ran back inside.
Me: Grace, you are KILLING me.  We had 45 minutes.  What happened?
Grace: I was wrapping a present!!!
This was true.  But the task was totally unnecessary.
Me: Okay, but we are now really late.  Let's move.
Grace (crying now): All you do is rush me.
Now I felt bad.  But, I was also incredibly annoyed.  The worst possible combo for a parent.
Me: Grace, I don't like to rush you but we didn't have time for all the other things we tried to get done this morning on top of getting ready for school.  You have to let me help you next time.
No response from Grace.  Just a stormy walk off to the car.
We were finally all in the car at 8:10 and we had to be at school at 8:15.  It takes at least 10 minutes to get to school.  Epic fail.  We all sat in silence for a couple minutes and I was wondering what to say or not say to get my point across, yet again.
Rosie: Mom, what's it like when you go the eye doctor?
Aaaaand we're done.

Turns out, there is no calm.  Not on a weekday morning with kids, anyway.  It's all chaos, all the time with varying degrees of madness mixed in.  It's life.  Screw calm.  I'm going running.

Listen to this:
Colors - Genevieve   

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  1. Hmmm....sounds like every morning with my girls. And they're in kindergarten. I'm doomed.