Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I want only positive thoughts today.
I want only positive talk today.
Focus on your race and your teammates.
And make today your best day yet.
~ Bill Babcock

Yesterday we had our first outdoor track meet.  Before the girls began their warmup, our head coach sat them down and said the above statement.  It is something he says before every meet.  Some listened.  Others, not so much.  Some didn't hear it yesterday, but will catch it at the next one.  For me, it resonates every single time.  Each day I'm with these athletes, and on meet days in particular, I need to be positive - to think positively, to act positively and to speak positively.  I need to focus on both my individual runners and on the team as a whole.  And I need to try to make every day the best.  It's a tall order to fill.  But, I'm more than happy, honored even, to do it.  It's why I love my job.

A quiet moment with one of my 2 milers before her race yesterday.
(though it looks like a slap on the face, it was a soft pat of encouragement)
I'm realizing, however, that I need to be doing this 'positive' thing in my personal life a hell of a lot more than I have been.  Lately, I've been bitching and moaning a lot.  Particularly, as you know, about this past winter.  Partly because it has been brutal up until about 24 hours ago, partly because I find it's easier to get through tough times when you're commiserating with others, and partly because I often found it almost stupidly funny.  But, regarding the weather, and so many other things that are similarly trite, I need be done.  To shut and be positive.  So what if it's going to rain today.  There also happens to be a shit ton of amazing stuff going on and I should be grateful.  Before I went to sleep last night I made a point to list out all the things that made my day spectacular.  Below is a sampling:

~ The sun was out, it was warm and it felt incredible.  All.  Day.  Long.
~ The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing and the honeysuckle on Bacon street smelled delightful.
~ My daughter was actually psyched to go to school because she's been working on a stand up comedy routine with her teacher.
~ I ran 18 miles and I enjoyed single every one of them.  No, for real.  (even those last few, KH)
~ I ran 15 of those 18 miles with my running bud, who is ramping up her mileage after having been injured for a very long time.  It is so damn nice to have her back.
~ My high school track team had their first meet and they rocked it.
~ My monthly RUNNERBOX arrived and it was (as always) filled with awesomeness.
~ Did I mention the sun was out and it was warm?  That was awesome.

Needless to say, it was a great freakin' day.  Today is a new day.  As Coach Babcock would say, let's make it the best day yet.  I think he might be on to something.

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