Friday, April 17, 2015


This morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:00am.  As most of you know, Monday is the Boston marathon.  As it always is, the week-end is going to be crazy.  Good crazy, but crazy. Hence the reason why my wheels were spinning like mad at the crack of dawn.  Whether you're a runner or not, if you are in the Boston area over this particular week-end, you're going to experience the marathon in some way, shape or form.  For me, a 4 time Boston finisher, it's a little bittersweet not to be running this year.  But, I have done my best to get involved in as many other ways as possible so I can still feel a little of the Boston magic that always accompanies the race itself.  This includes several coffee and dinner dates with friends, training runs with my Oiselle teammates, and a quick (and hopefully not too painful) 3 mile spin through the Boston common on Saturday morning via the BAA 5K.  As I always am around this time, whether I'm racing or not, I am completely giddy.  The Boston marathon represents all that is good and right about this city and the "love thy neighbor" feel that emanates throughout the running community and beyond all week-end is almost tangible.  It's pretty spectacular.  So, back to my week-end.  Here's a few items on my agenda:

~ 5 mile shakeout run in the rain with my running buddy, KH. (already done)

~ Marathon blog post.
~ Quick sports massage with Kara P. Hallelujah!!
~ Finish packing up these two jokers for their solo trip down to FL to visit my in-laws.

~ Head over to LHS for practice.  A little speed work on the track today. #LEX
~ Go back home to hang with my family, put my feet up and be stupidly nervous about the 5K I'll be doing tomorrow.  (as an admitted marathon junkie, I am now officially scared of this race distance)

~ Head into Boston with my bird wingman, Jess C., who will be running the 5K with me. (not sure how I let her talk me into this)

~ Meet and warmup with a few more birds including but not limited to Erin D., Beth P., & Sheri D.
~ Run the BAA 5K.  Gulp.

~ Enjoy a coffee (or 2) while several of my teammates continue running because they are in training and need to get more miles in.
~ Walk around Boston and just soak it all up for a while.
~ Head home for some QT with the kids before they head out the next morning.

~ Get up at 5:00am to get the girls off to the airport for their 6:50 flight.  Oof.
~ Head into Boston to meet up with a few Boston Loopsters for breakfast. #loopfest

2014 Bird Dinner

~ Run around like a chicken with my head cut off for the rest of the day in preparation for the Oiselle team dinner that I'm having at my house.
~ Eat, drink and be merry with over 40 Oiselle birds along with their family and friends.

~ Meet up my Oiselle teammate Holly (aka @fashionablemile) for a long run along the Charles.
~ Drop her off and continue running solo. (she has to run 11, I have to do 20)
~ Zip home for a quick shower and some food.
~ Head back out to watch the marathon.
~ Crawl home for a nap.
~ Go out to a rare and well-earned dinner with my husband since we will be sans kids for a few days.

~ Be sad that it's all over.

But for now, it's just beginning.  And I am beyond excited.  Giddy up.

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