Thursday, June 25, 2015


Either you run the day or the day runs you.
~ Jim Rohn

w/ Clover, headed home.

It's Tuesday morning.  My lids pop open at 5:00am.  I have no reason to get up this early and consider rolling over to snooze a bit longer.  My dog, Clover, however, is considering breakfast and continuously licks my face until I get out of bed.  The house is silent as my girls, their cousin and my parents are all still sound asleep.  I rarely head out to run before my kids are up, so I decide to take advantage of the situation and hit the road before anyone needs me.  After slugging down a cup of coffee, I throw on my shoes and make my way over to the door.  I look up to see Clover giving me a look that translates into something like, you're taking me, too, right?  I don't usually take her running during the summer because of the heat, but at 5:45am the sun has just barely risen and the air is still relatively cool, so I opt to bring her along.   Yes, I am a sucker.  When we step outside it's so quiet you can hear a pin drop.  It's eery and incredibly peaceful.  We set off down the bike path at an easy clip.  On the average morning, I have already had 2 cups of coffee, made lunch for my kids, searched for a missing shoe and dropped them off at school or camp or wherever else they need go before I head out for a run.  By the time I leave, I am usually chomping at the bit.  But, for this run, I'm just barely awake and my legs are heavy, confused even; so my first mile is very, very, slow and steady...or, sort of steady.  In the second mile, we both shift into cruise control.  Aside from the occasional mad dash for a squirrel or bird, Clover runs at my pace and in a pretty straight line right next to me which is awesome.  More than once I look down at her and I swear she's smiling.  Maybe?  I get it.  I'm smiling, too.  One dead skunk, 2 bathroom stops (her, not me), 2 rabbits, 3 sets of sprinklers, 13 songs,  6 miles and about 50 minutes later, we're home.  We amble slowly up the driveway; breathing, panting, sweaty, happy.  I take my time as I know what's ahead of me the minute I open that door...
~ Mom, we're hungry.
~ Mom, I can't find my leotard.
~ Mom, you forgot to buy us water bottles for camp.
~ Mom, can you get me more duck tape today?
~ Mom, can we go?
And now the day begins.  But, those first 2 hours?  Those were mine.  So, I'm good.  We're good.  We've got this.  Let's roll.

Listen to this:
Feathers & Wax - Vicktor Taiwò  

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  1. Awesome. I'm inspired but can't promise I will be able to duplicate your mileage or early hour. Nice work.