Tuesday, June 30, 2015


"Summertime, and the livin' is easy"
~ Ella Fitzgerald

Well, it's almost July and we are officially knee deep in summer.  Finally.  The days are long, the nights are longer and the pace has slowed way the hell down.  It's such a welcome change after the non-stop chaos of the school year and my family is soaking up every minute of it.  As I headed out this morning for a run, naked, mind you (no, no...I wore clothes, I just didn't wear a watch), I was thinking of all the subtle ways that summer creeps in and makes its presence known.  Just last night my 8 yr old was telling me she couldn't sleep because of all the sand in her bed.  For the record, she was dead out about 3 minutes later.  There is something incredibly easy about all of it.  We're still going non-stop, but the flow is different and the stress level is almost nil.  It's awesome.  It always shocks me how quickly it flies by.  But, I suppose that's means we're doing something right.  Here's to summer.  Long may it last.


1. I have no idea what day and/or time it is on a regular basis.  And I could care less.
2. Bedtime gets a little bit later each night.  For all of us.

Sunset in Katama, MA

3. I can't get a brush through my kids' hair.

This is actually a good day.

4. There is sand in everything...clothes, shoes, hair, sheets...all of it.

Grit City

5. Tan lines are in full effect.  Especially the farmer.  (I know, super cute.)

Imagine what these are going to look like in August?

6.  Ice cream is consumed at least once and often twice a day.

These were SMALLS!

7. The bottom of Rosie's feet are black 24/7.

Shower or no shower...
doesn't matter.

8. Everything we own smells like sunscreen.
9.  Our primary mode of transportation is now a bicycle.

Pick a bike.  Any bike.

10.  Just about every time I look at my kids they are smiling.  I love that.


Listen to this:
Let the Night Fall - Dragonette   

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